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How to get Clear Skin Naturally Fast

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One best way to get clear skin fast is by keeping skin moisturized and clean through exfoliation. Naturally made home remedies from lemon, aloe vera, olive oil, honey, baking soda, cucumbers and neem are also effective for keeping skin spotless and glowing. These tips can be used by both men and women to remove dark spots, acne scars, oils and dirt from skin.

Get Clear Skin Naturally

Pass vapours to skin

The main advantage of steaming skin is that it loosen the deep stuck oils and dirt making it easier for the scrub to clear the skin impurities. Steaming process can be easily done at home and is as effective as the special equipments used in parlors. To start, first take hot water in a big bowl and bend your face to it. Let the vapors touch skin for 5 minutes and then go for exfoliation. Maintain little distance with the bowl to prevent contact of skin with hot water.

Exfoliate weekly to get clear skin

Exfoliation is the best solution to clear the oils and dirt from the skin, making it clean and beautiful. Choose the best exfoliating product containing either alpha-hydroxy acids, salicylic acid or glycolic acids. These acids help to remove the dead cells, dark spots and scars giving a glow to the skin. Apply the scrub to your face and follow the procedure described by the product. These scrubs deeply washes skin clearing the impurities prevent acne.

Keep your skin clean

Take baths regularly to flush the dirt from skin and keep it clean. Wash face two or three times a day, once with a face wash and two times with plain water. For oily skin use water based non comedogenic face wash and for sensitive skin get a chemical free product.

Provide moisture after every wash

When you wash skin with scrubs and face washes the natural moisturizing oils from the skin are also lost. Hence, to make for this loss you need to supply extra moisture to the skin to prevent excess oil build on skin. Apply vitamin E moisturizing creams with natural oil extracts to deeply hydrate skin and keep it baby soft. For oily skin type order oil free moisturizers and use it for nourishing your skin.

Avoid cheap chemical skin products

Applying degraded chemical products to skin leads to rashes and pimples which degrades your facial appearance. Hence, to stay on safe side use products of well known brands to keep skin beautiful.

Combat stress to make skin clear

Researches have concluded that stress causes an increase in skin damaging hormones that leads to acne, makes the skin oily and dull. Hence, you need to keep stress away and relax. Daily exercise, yoga and any activity that gives you joy will help you to get rid of stress and keep skin healthy.

Get clear skin naturally with home remedies

You can also use a variety of home remedies to clear the pimples, oils, dark spots, scars and stretch marks and get spotless skin.

  1. Clear oils from skin
    • Mix water with lemon juice and rub this solution to skin for 10 minutes. Acids present in lemon will not only remove the oils, but also clear the dirt present on skin. For people with sensitive skin this remedy should be avoided to prevent skin inflammation.
    • Mix drops of lemon juice and water to gram flour and apply this pack on face to get rid of oily skin and make skin smooth.
    • Orange scrub prepared from its peels and juice can be effective for eliminating greasy oils from skin. Grind orange peels and add orange juice to it. Keep this scrub on skin and allow it to dry. Now using warm water clean your skin.
    • Rubbing tomato juice on face is also effective for stripping the unwanted oils and prevent clogging. Acids and antioxidants present in tomatoes will keep skin clean, clear and young.
    • Fruit facial prepared from papaya paste and strawberries can be used to wash away skin impurities and prevent whiteheads, blackheads and acne.
  2. Clear acne from skin
    • Make a paste of neem leaves and cover your face with this paste. Let it remain for 15 minutes and then rinse your face. The antibacterial nature of neem will kill the acne bacteria and shrink the pimples leaving no scar.
    • Apply aloe vera gel to your pimples and allow it dry. Aloe vera has antiseptic properties that help in reducing the acne on skin.
    • If you are experiencing inflammation from acne, keep cucumber slices to calm and relax your skin.
    • Poking nails to pimples should be avoided to prevent skin infections.
  3. Clear dark spots and scars
    • Vitamin C in lemons and oranges can lighten the scars and spots on skin, making it look spotless and beautiful. Apply lemon or orange juice to your dark scars and leave it for some time before washing it.
    • Keeping cucumbers on the spots will quickly erase these marks in a few weeks. Cucumber has skin lightening and moisturizing properties that fades the dark marks on skin, making your face fair and glowing.
    • Potato and apples have a special enzyme called catecholase that helps in reducing the darkness from skin. Keep the slice on your spots for 20 minutes and then wash skin with cold water.
    • Applying turmeric is an ancient remedy to remove dark spots and scars and make face glowing. Add little water to turmeric and cover your scars with this paste. Leave it overnight and then wash it in the morning.
  4. Clear dry and rough skin
    • Honey can be used as a moisturizing skin mask to get rid of dry skin. Apply the paste of honey to skin and leave it so that it dries. This will supply moisturizing molecules making skin smooth and baby soft.
    • Cover your face with milk cream to provide nourishment and add freshness to the skin. Milk cream provides moisture, vitamins and minerals that remove dry skin from the face.
    • Using cucumber is also an effective remedy for deeply moisturizing skin and making it soft.
    • Massage olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil to provide vitamin E to the skin that help in getting rid of roughness by providing moisture to skin. Take any one of this natural oil or mix these oils together and use it for massaging the skin. After 15 minutes of massage use a good soap or face wash to clear these oils.
    • Paste of avocado and mayonnaise can also be used to deeply moisturize skin cells and keep skin away from dryness.
  5. Tips to get clear skin

    • Keep skin clean and moisturized to prevent clogging of skin pores.
    • Treat acne with special care so that it does not leave scars.
    • Use lotions that protect skin from the damaging sun rays.
    • Avoid using chemical products on the skin. These products can cause some reaction which leads to acne and spots.
    • Avoid smoking and alcohol to keep skin and body healthy.