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How to Get Fair Skin in Summers

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Using sun protecting lotions along with proper skin cleansing and nourishing routine can help you get fair skin in summers season. Try to cover your face and hands to prevent pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

get fair skin in summers

Fair and clear skin is the dream of many women. We need to take that extra care to reduce the melanin content in our skin. Melanin is responsible for the color of the skin. The following are some of the tips that will help you to get fair skin in summer season.

Protect skin from harsh weathers:

The lesser you expose your skin to the external environment, the better it is. The wind in the air steals the moisture from the skin and leaves it dry. The sun rays leaves the skin dark and pigmented. Thus, it is better to cover oneself with scarf and stole before stepping out. During summers the intensity of damage from the sun is higher because the sun is closer to the earth. Without protection creams never think t step out from house.

Remove skin impurities daily:

The skin cleansing regime is a must. Use a good face wash for your face. Wash twice a day. You can also scrub once in three days. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin is a must to retain your skin color. This is the basic care that every skin lover should follow.

Use the best scrub for skin:

Get rid of the dead cells that have resided on your skin. Use a good scrub to exfoliate your skin. You can also opt for steaming before the exfoliation process as it will remove the dirt. During summers our skin produces more sweat which sticks to the skin along with the dust from external environment. Hence in this hot season try to thoroughly clean your face, neck and hands because these skin areas often are exposed to sun.

Skin should never be left dry:

The skin should always be nourished and moisturized. The hot air steals away the moisture which makes it dry. If the skin is left dried for a longer time, it leads to wrinkles and ageing. One can choose the moisturizer depending on the skin type. If you have an oily skin, ensure that you choose an oil free moisturizer or else the skin pores might be blocked.

Massage your skin:

Massaging your skin helps to improve the blood circulation. You can use a massage cream and use circular movements to make the massage more effective. If you do not have a massage cream, use an ice-cube. This will close the open pores and will add glow to your skin. Use it for 10-15 minutes before going to bed.

Healthy Food:

Your diet has direct connection with the skin. Avoid oily and junk food. Do add fruits and fresh vegetables in your diet. This will add vitamins and necessary minerals to your health and will keep your skin healthy. The spicy food leads to indigestion, stay away from it. The most important thing is drink tons and tons of water because summers usually leads to lots of body water loss in form of sweat..

Home remedies for making skin fair naturally

  1. Take a slice of lemon and rub on your skin. You can also dilute lemon juice in water if you do not want citric acid to directly affect your skin. This will clean the dark spots and will retain the fairness by cleaning all the dirt and impurities.
  2. Cucumber slices also work wonders on the skin. They have bleaching agents that helps in giving a fairer look to the skin. You can extract the juice of cucumbers and apply on the skin or use slices directly on the face. It is also a cooling agent. Place it on your eyes for 20 minutes.
  3. Take some milk cream and add turmeric powder to it. Make a thick paste and apply on your face. The milk cream will act as a moisturizer whereas turmeric will give you a radiant glow.
  4. Aloe vera repairs the damaged skin. It is an antioxidant agent and is rich in vitamin. Extract the gel from the aloe vera leaves and apply on your dry skin. Massage it in circular motion for better benefits. The skin will be more nourished and improved.
  5. You can use a natural facial mask to get that fairer look. Mix papaya, pineapple and strawberry juice in equal quantity. Use it as a face mask to get a fairer tone.
  6. Extract fresh potato juice and use a cotton ball to apply evenly on the face. The potato juice has enzymes that reduce the production of melanin pigment, dark spots and other pigmentations. You can keep it for fifteen minutes and wash it with lukewarm water.
  7. If you have dry skin, apply honey on your face and leave it for twenty minutes. It will nourish your skin and lighten the color. Follow this procedure for a month and see the results.
  8. Tips to get fair skin in summers:

    1. Do Not expose your skin to sunlight. Use a good sunscreen.
    2. Avoid tight clothes as it will hamper the blood circulation in the body.
    3. Stay stress free. Meditate and relax everyday. You can see the direct benefits to the skin.
    4. Exercise everyday at least for 30 minutes to allow your skin to sweat out the toxins and increase oxygen supply.
    5. Smoking is just not injurious to health but also impacts your skin. Refrain yourself from cigarettes.

    Follow these tips and ensure that you take good care of your skin in summers. Do share your beauty tips that you uses in this hot season.