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How to get Pimple Free Skin on Face

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The best way to get pimple free skin on face is to scrub the dirt and oils clogged in pores and then moisturize skin. To remove pimples naturally, use remedies like aloe vera, neem, honey and ice. Taking good care will provide you with a healthy and spotless face.

How to get pimple free skin on face

  1. Remove excess oils and dead cells

    Exfoliation is the best technique for removing those skin damaging oils and dead cells from your face. These skin impurities are the main reason for your acne breakout and hence to maintain pimple free skin you need to weekly remove this dirt.

    Steps to exfoliate your face

    1. Steaming

      The first step of exfoliation begins with steaming. When you pass steam to your face, it loosens the skin impurities and makes the task of clearing the dirt easy. To start with steaming, take a bowl of hot water and allow these vapors to make contact with your face. To get better results take a towel to direct and lock the vapors to the face.

    2. Now make use of a scrub

      Take a salicylic or benzoyl peroxide or lactic acid scrub and follow the instructions described by the product. These scrubs will clear the dead skin cells and pollutants from skin preventing pimples.

    Repeat the above techniques once a week, doing it in excess can make skin oily.

    These two steps are very important to get rid of clogged pores and make your skin free from pimples.

  2. Keep a check on your products

    The quality of products that you use can have a deep effect on your skin. These low quality cheap products contain harmful ingredients that can lead to pimples and itchy skin. Get a natural extract product even if it is little out of your budget. Use the best creams, makeup, soaps and moisturizers and keep your skin in the best condition.

  3. At the time of pimples use oil free moisturizers

    Pimple is a serious skin condition that will leave behind a scar if not taken proper care. After taking baths and exfoliating skin there is a necessity to provide moisture to your dry skin. At this point use non comedogenic moisturizers to keep skin hydrated and at the same time prevent clogging and more pimples.

  4. Go for sleep with no makeup

    Sleeping with makeup is one of the major reasons for acne and hence to avoid it you need to wash your makeup properly before going to sleep. For clearing the makeup take a aqua face wash (water based) and then go to sleep. But remember to use an oil free moisturizer after washing your face.

  5. A nourished diet for acne free skin

    A healthy diet is very important to keep skin free from all skin problems. Drink lots of water, fruits and vegetables to provide skin with acne fighting compounds. Vitamins A, C, E and minerals like iron and zinc are very effecting in clearing acne. Vitamin A and zinc helps in repairing pimples, Vitamin C helps to lighten the acne marks, vitamin E will keep skin moisturized and iron improves oxygen supply to skin. Remember to have minimum 8 glass of water everyday to remove toxins from body and maintain the hydration level of skin.

  6. Daily change your pillow cover

    While sleeping saliva and oils from skin and hair stick to pillow and come in contact with your pimples. This can be a very dangerous situation as the bacteria from the pillow cover and pimples can worsen your skin problem. Hence to stay on the safe side and prevent breakouts, remember to change pillow cover daily.

  7. Avoid a stressful life

    People living a stress full life can never be free from acne because stress is a condition that deteriorates our health and skin condition. During this time body releases hormones that makes face oily leading to clogging and unwanted pimples. The only way to tackle this problem is by staying happy.

  8. Keep your skin protected

    Taking hot water baths can wash away moisture making skin dry and this makes body produce more moisture that make skin oily, clogged and finally pimples. Now to stay protected, use warm water for taking baths and after that apply oil free moisturizer. Your skin also needs a shield against the ultraviolet sun rays. Now to tackle this problem, apply a good sunscreen to your hands, face, neck and legs. These simple precautions will help you to keep skin free from pimples.

Home remedies to make skin pimple free

  1. Honey and aloe vera mask for acne

    The antiseptic nature of honey and aloe vera will prevent the acne bacteria from spreading and in a soon days your acne will be reduced. Mix aloe and honey equally and cover your face with this antibacterial mask. Now allow this mask to dry and the using clean water wash your face. This is the best natural cure for people with either oily skin, dry skin or sensitive skin.

  2. Cold cucumber for acne

    This face mask is for reducing the inflammation and redness due to pimples. Take a cucumber, remove its peel and grate it. Now keep it in the fridge for one hour and then apply this cool cucumber paste to your face. This paste will lighten your dark circles, spots, pimple marks and make skin look fresh.

  3. Neem face pack

    This face pack has been used in India from ancient times to cure skin infections, pimples, itchy skin and other skin problems. Neem contains antiseptic oils that not only moisturize skin cells but also help to clear the bacteria on pimples. Make a paste of neem leaves and use it on your skin. Give 20 minutes for this pack to work properly and then using cold water clean your face. Repeat it daily and you will get pimple free skin in a week.

  4. Papaya and turmeric facial cleanser

    This mixture is used for unclogging the oils and dead skin locked in skin pores. Papain enzyme in papaya has properties that will clean deep stuck impurities and turmeric is used to kill bacterial and diminish your pimple size. Make a paste of papaya and add 2 spoons of turmeric to it. Mix it well before applying it to your face.

  5. Move ice on pimples

    Simply moving ice on skin is also a great remedy to reduce the size of pimples. Ice has a great effect on skin, it clears impurities, improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation and itchy pimples. Take 2-3 ice cubes and add it to a soft clean cloth. Now slowly move it on your face for 15 minutes, two times a day. Within one week you will notice that your pimples have considerably reduced.