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How to get Rid of Dark Elbows and Knees Overnight

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Scrubbing off the dead skin cells and apply a moisture rich cream will help you to get rid of dark elbows and knees fast. An overnight treatment does not exist, but following the tips properly will lighten the dark skin in a week. To naturally make skin fair go for home remedies like lemon, potato, cucumber, olive oil and aloe vera.

Get rid of dark elbows and knees overnight

Not including the elbows and knees in your skin cleansing regime is what makes it appear dark and rough. The attention a person gives to the face, the same is required for these parts. I will provide you with some best treatments and tips to properly teach you how to get rid of dark elbows and knees quickly. In this tutorials I have used some of the skin lightening products and moisturizers, but if you don’t have money to buy them then there are some home remedies described which you can use an alternative.

Give special care during shower

During showers give special attention while cleaning the elbows and the knees. Properly apply soap to these areas and use a loofah to clear the dark dead skin layer from it. Following this technique will not complete lighten your skin, but will just remove a small dirt layer. The only reason one should follow this step is to prevent accumulation of more dirt and make the lightening process of these parts fast. The special care you provide to your face, the same is required to get rid of dark elbows and knees.

Peel of the darkness from the elbows and knees

This is the step where you will remove layers of the impurities accumulated in these skin areas, which has made them darker. Since our skin sheds so many dead cells removing them becomes an important step. Ask your friends for suggesting a good scrub for exfoliating and use the same every two times a week. Exfoliation will deeply clear the dark impurity layer and after few washes you will notice fairness in the elbows. There are also some home remedies included below which can act as an alternative to the scrubbing products.

Add moisture to these skin areas

Never forget to leave skin without moisture and especially after taking baths and exfoliation. Since water and the chemical scrubs wash away the moisture from the elbows and knees it is now your responsibility to provide hydration. Improper cleansing methods and low moisture levels in these skin areas make them darker. Using vitamin E creams for this purpose can be a very good option. Also in this case I have mentioned few of the best natural remedies for moisturizing and getting rid of dark elbows and knees.

Apply fairness cream to lighten them fast

Fairness creams contain a combination of many essential fairness extracts, peptides and artificial compounds that help in lightening the skin tone. Nowadays many fairness creams come with a dual property which apart from skin whitening contains moisturization property which you can use after taking baths. Buy any popular product in your country and use it as shown in its manual. Wash this cream before sleeping, apply a normal skin moisturizer to your elbows and knees and then go to bed.

Consult a dermatologist

You need a deep and intense moisturization when you suffer severe dehydration problems in any area of your body. There are skin problems that must be treated with the right products. Hyperkeratosis is one of them. Because of external aggression your skin in some areas of your body is affected and can get to dark and harden. Feet, elbows, knees or hands are most prone to this problem. Visit a dermatologist for treatment to get rid of hyperkeratosis and thus lighten dark elbows and knees.

Get get rid of dark elbows and knees with home remedies.

So here are best natural moisturizers and exfoliants which are comparatively slower than the company manufactured ones, but show very effective results.

  1. Combining honey with lime juice

    Take a small bowl and add 10 spoons of honey, four spoons of lime juice to it and one spoon of fine sugar. Cover your elbows and knees with this scrub and then use a brush over these parts. After 5 minutes of rubbing leave this mixture for 20 minutes and then rinse it properly with water. The strong bleaching characteristic of the citric acid in lemon will help to uncover the fair skin which is hidden below while honey is used for removing the dryness.

  2. Turmeric

    A scientifically proven natural skin lightener and antiseptic which is widely used in India to get rid of blemishes and acne. This spice has the characteristic features that can reduce dark pigmented skin and make it fair. To get rid of dark elbows and knees fast prepare a turmeric paste and cover these areas with it. Use this remedy in the bathroom and protect your clothes as turmeric can make them yellow. Repeat this remedy twice every week to fix this problem

  3. Potato

    Potato is a mild bleaching agent which on use causes no inflammation as compared to lemon which is very strong and can lead to burning sensation. Hence, if your skin is sensitive go for potato instead of lime. Make a paste of potato and let this paste to dry on your skin. The cleansing properties and the catecholase enzyme of potato will work on your elbows and knees and make them fair.

  4. Cucumber

    The speciality of cucumber is that it has both whitening and moisturizing properties which is great for refreshing the skin. The only disadvantage of cucumber is it works slow compared to other treatments. Using it for a week will maybe show you no change, but continuing it for a month will help to whiten these skin parts.

  5. Olive oil

    This home remedy can be used in replacement to the moisturizing creams. If you have no such ointment than olive oil can be used to hydrate these areas. Apply it before bed, leave it overnight and then wash your knees in the morning. This will remove the roughness and make the skin soft.

  6. Coconut oil

    Same like olive oil, coconut oil is also an excellent natural moisturizer which contains vitamins and saturated fat content that hydrates the rough skin. Use it the same way like olive oil and get rid of all skin problems. Almond oil, walnut oil and lavender oil are also a great source of skin moisture.

  7. Oranges and gram flour

    Both gram flour and orange are great skin exfoliators which after few washes will clear all the dirt from skin. Mix orange juice to this flour and let it dry. Since these exfoliants are very strong hydrate the skin after every use. This is the best alternative to the scrubbing products to remove darkness from elbows and knees.

  8. Milk cream and vinegar

    While milk cream is considered to be a warehouse of moisture, it is additionally a superb fairness agent because of the vitamins and mineral it contains. When mixed with vinegar which is yet another skin whitener, these both agents work great to get rid of dark elbows and knees.

Some important tips to remember

  1. Don’t lean on your elbows and knees to prevent it from becoming dark and rough.
  2. If you use makeup to cover the darkness then without failure clear this makeup at night.
  3. Wash these parts regularly and use a loofah every alternate day.
  4. Use a scrub for maximum 2 days per week followed by providing enough moisture to fulfill the lost hydration.