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How To Get Rid Of Dry Elbows And Knees

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Washing and apply a moisturizing cream daily can help you get rid of dark elbows and knees quickly in a week. You can also use some natural treatments to make skin soft.

get rid of dry elbows and knees

We can use daily shower to exfoliate the areas affected by the hardness with a mitt and then apply moisturizing creams to promote. Find the best treatments to get rid of dry elbows and knees in a week. The loss of skin hydration as a result of sun exposure or environmental contaminant particles is inevitable that only can be reduced by applying a range of products of skin care.

Areas of the body such as the feet and elbows are more likely to dry out to play the supporting role of the body in many surfaces that have direct contact during the day. The problem with these parts of the skin that are more difficult to treat, because with each passing day is getting harder and in the worst cases can crack. The result is skin dehydration which shows the naked eye and can affect both health and aesthetics.

Solving these changes do not have to be a tedious task, but with the use of some products and with natural ingredients at home it is possible to get rid of dry elbows and knees to relieve and restore its good looks. This time we will share a complete treatment based on natural ingredients that may remove dryness and make skin soft in just one week.

Clean your skin daily

Although it is obvious, but it is important to give a special mention because this treatment is very crucial for making the elbows and knees soft. Through basic cleaning with soap and water thick dead skin of these body parts are removed and thereby skin softens as the removal of dead cells is facilitated. We recommend using a small brush or exfoliating glove to get more out of this habit.


After the bath, you should use some type of moisturizer to provide moisture to dry skin and thus provides nutrients and restoring ingredients to repair the elbows and knees. A cream made from honey, aloe or apple improves the condition of these parts of the body for its antioxidant and regenerative compounds. Apart from this, you can also use any oil rich cream for softening the skin on these parts.

Moisturizing Oil

Every night before going to sleep, you can rub a little olive oil or coconut oil on the affected parts for its moisturizing compounds act overnight. The vitamins, antioxidants and moisture will help to get rid of dry elbows and knees.

Honey treatment

Another good natural moisturizer that can be used as a support to alleviate the skin is honey. Its antioxidant properties help repair and maintain the elasticity of the skin and act as a good remedy to prevent harden and form the dreaded calluses.

Yogurt and Avocado Treatment

If the problem of dry elbows and knees is difficult to remove with the advice given above, then it will be necessary to prepare a natural remedial treatment to speed recovery in just one week. It is the combination of yogurt and avocado, popular for its ability to moisturize and soften the skin with naturally made ingredients.

The remedy should be used only once a week and following the above advice may soon notice the results.


½ cup plain yogurt (125 g)
1 ripe avocado

How do I prepare?

Cut an avocado half and withdrawing pulp in a container to make a paste. After obtaining the avocado paste, mix it with half a cup of plain yogurt and prepare a homogenous cream.

Application Mode:

Wash the affected areas and if possible make a prior exfoliation. When they are clean and you apply an even layer of avocado cream with gentle circular movements the skin becomes soft. The cream is left on for 45 minutes for your compounds have sufficient time to take effect. Once the treatment is completed, rinse with warm water and apply moisturizer.

Use specialized treatments

The dry skin in different areas of the body should be a concern when no treatment seems to be enough to relieve it. To get rid of dry elbows and knees it is important that you buy a deep skin moisturizing and conditioning cream. As these are parts that dry very often and especially when there are aggressive climate changes; however, they begin to harden and crack which is more difficult to treat and often requires medical intervention to prevent them developing an infection or a major problem. So if you notice an infection then consult a doctor immediacy.

Tips to make elbows and knees beautiful

  1. Increase the water consumption. To moisturize from the inside there is nothing better than drinking enough water daily amounts. Water plays an important role in cell regeneration and helps reduce dryness dehydration.
  2. Don’t put your body weight on elbows and knees as this can turn them dark and rough.
  3. Apply a moisturizing cream three times a day to get rid of dark elbows and knees fast.
  4. Wear full clothes covering your knees and elbows for some days. It will help them stay protected again sun. Also apply sun protein lotions to these parts.