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How to get Rid of Forehead Wrinkles Fast

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The best way to get rid of forehead wrinkles is by following all the necessary precautions followed by the treatments described. One can also remove the fine lines naturally in the kitchen using home remedies like aloe vera, apples, eggs and strawberries. To keep skin wrinkle free take good care and protect skin from the U.V rays from the sun.

Get rid of forehead wrinkles fast

When we grow older, due to the lack of collagen and elasticity in skin wrinkles are seen on the face and forehead. Extreme exposure of skin to sun and genetics are other causes that lead to skin wrinkling. To prevent fine lines in your 30’s and 40’s you need to start taking care of skin in advance. Before moving on to the home remedies, first let us discuss other preventive measure and treatments to clear the lines from your forehead.

Prevent skin from premature wrinkling

  1. Moisture

    One of the most important prevention measures to be taken against wrinkles is by daily providing moisture to the skin. Based on your skin type apply the best moisturizing cream to keep skin soft. Moisturizing helps skin to maintain its elastic levels, thereby keeping skin flexible and away from wrinkles.

  2. Exfoliate

    Exfoliation is also a good way to shield you skin against the skin crease on face. Weekly exfoliation will get you rid of the oils, dead skin cells and impurities from pores and maintain the freshness of skin. Following such preventive measure will keep your skin wrinkle free and young even in your 50’s.

  3. Balance diet

    A good diet definitely plays an important role in maintaining the health and beauty of an individual. To fight the skin creasing there are foods available which are also called as anti-winkling foods. Such foods provide antioxidants, collagen and vitamins to skin keeping it young and beautiful. Blue berries, strawberries, tomatoes, carrots, beets, fish and guava are some foods that will help in keeping you look youthful.

  4. Quit smoking

    Researchers have concluded that premature wrinkling is one of the symptoms of smoking hazardous tobacco cigarettes. The logic behind this is nicotine leads to thinning of blood vessels which reduces oxygen and nourishment to skin and also destroys the collagen which causes fine lines on forehead and face.

  5. Use sunscreen

    Since everyone knows that a major contributor to wrinkles is no other than sun. It is one of the biggest enemies that lead to a variety of skin problems including the skin wrinkling. To solve this problem there are many sunscreen products available in stores that shield the skin against sun and protecting it from various problems.

Learn to remove wrinkles from forehead

  1. Massages

    Facial massages are a great form of exercise to boost oxygen, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals to skin. After you wakeup, the first thing in the morning should be the facial massages. In sleep the flow of blood and nutrients to the skin is reduced and hence morning massages help to balance the circulation. Take a moisturizer and give a 5 minutes massage to the foreheads skin and then start your day. Within three months you will notice a considerable reduction of fine lines on the forehead.

  2. Anti-wrinkling creams

    Beauty stores are flushed with anti-wrinkling products and creams that stimulate the process of erasing the unwanted older looking skin. These products contain peptides, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other extracts that help in healing the wrinkled facial skin. Buy one such product and use it as prescribed to get wrinkle free and beautiful skin.

  3. Face pack to remove lines

    It is important to weekly use specialize wrinkle removing face packs for getting the softness and youthful skin. Like the creams, these face packs are loaded with skin friendly nutrients that help in eliminating the impurities and the upper damaged skin from face and smoothing the fine lines.

  4. Special treatments
    1. There is a special treatment in which the doctor inject facial fillers from which most of the wrinkling is removed. This treatment can last anywhere from 3-6 months or even a year.
    2. Facelift surgery is another choice in which the doctor performs tightening of the skin on the face. Maintaining a stable weight will help you maintain the results for longer time.
    3. To avoid a surgery a good option is to go for laser treatments. Without side effects and fast result laser have helped many to get younger looking skin, but the only con of this treatment is the cost.

Home remedies for forehead wrinkles

  1. Tomato

    Tomato is considered to be one of the best natural products for erasing the unwanted older looking skin from face. The presence of acids and antioxidants play an important role in getting back the lost facial glow. Prepare a paste from one tomato and slowly rub it to the forehead and face for 2 minutes. Now leave it for 15 minutes more and then rinse it. Follow this treatment two times a week for three months to get youthful skin.

  2. Aloe vera

    The well known antioxidants and healing properties of aloe gel work great for this case. According to a research conducted aloe vera is very effective in reducing wrinkles from the skin. The researched showed the four ways how this gel helps in improving the flexibility of the skin and removing fines lines. The first is that the healing powers repairs the collagen producing cells which is very important for beauty of the skin. The moisture, astringent properties and vitamins are the remaining three properties provided by this plant. Apply this gel to the face in alternate days for 20 minutes to get wrinkle free skin.

  3. Fruit mask

    You can prepare a fruit mask of strawberries, apples or papaya or a combination of all the three fruits. While strawberries and apple contain anti-wrinkling properties, papaya has the quality of deeply cleaning the dead skin and oils from the outer skin layer. Make a paste and use it on the face to get the young and soft skin.

  4. Eggs

    Egg white is a commonly used remedy to provide a tightening effect to the skin. The omega-3 fatty acids in eggs have proved to be a boon for keeping skin healthy. Twice a week apply egg whites to the face for 15 minutes to get rid of loose and creased skin.