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How to Get Rid of Large Pores on Face

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One fast way to get rid of large pores on face, nose or cheeks is by cleaning and moisturizing skin regularly to prevent blocking of pores and fix your skin problem. Treatment from naturally made home remedies like lemon, vinegar, ice, baking soda, egg are also helpful but may take time to shrink and remove the large pores on face.

get rid of large pores on face

  1. Steam your face to clean pores. Once should follow the process of steaming once a week to clear dirt, oils and dead skin from face and nose and reduce the chances of clogged pores filled with blackheads and whiteheads. Take hot water in a bowl and let the vapours pass to skin for 10 minutes. This will soften the impurities and make it easier for the scrub to clear the dirt.
  2. Clean your face with face wash. Look for a facial cleanser with salicylic acid, glycolic acid for removing oils and dirt from skin. Clean your face with a face wash twice a day and remember to moisturize after every wash. Following the first two steps that is steaming and then washing face will quickly help you to get rid of large pores on nose and face. Always wash face with cold water to close skin pores.
  3. Apply water based oil free moisturizers. Moisturizing face is an important step for removing big pores from it and making skin look glowing. Lack of moisture produce oils on face that leads to clogging and finally acne and blackheads. Buy one oil free moisturizing cream and apply it to face after every wash to keep skin smooth and baby soft.
  4. Clean makeup from face before sleep Makeup is a major reason for blocked pores among several women. Sleeping with makeup blocks the route of oils coming to skin and thus make your pores look big. Use a good quality makeup and remove it at night to keep face skin beautiful and clear.
  5. You can use a secura facial steamer which produces both hot and cold mist. Hot steam will open your pores and deeply clean the clogged pores and then use cold mist to shrink the pores. This is the best treatment for naturally shrinking the large pores on face.
  6. Treat pimples, clogged skin pores, blackheads and whiteheads under the guidence of a expert to fix skin problem properly and prevent big pores on face.
  7. Go to a Dermatologist. At severe stages it is advised to consult a dermatologist for help. A dermatologist is a skin doctor that will provide you with a proper medication and advise that will clear large pores from nose, face and solve your skin problem. After trying all possible thing if there is no change then quickly go to a doctor for treatment.
  8. Rub Ice to your pores. Take ice cubes in a soft clean cloth and gently rub it to your face. Using ice is a natural treatment used by many to shrink their skin pores and make them less visible. This treatment will make your face look red due to circulation of blood hence don’t panic.
  9. Apply Baking soda paste. Mix a little water to baking soda and apply this paste to your face for 15 minutes. Baking soda will not only make pores smaller but will also make skin clear and fair.
  10. Rub aloe vera gel. Aloe gel has skin cleansing properties and enzymes that will help you to eliminate impurities from face and seal your skin pores. Rub this gel for 5 minutes and then allow it to dry. After drying rinse your face with cold water.
  11. Apply diluted vinegar to face. Vinegar is a natural astringent that will remove hardened oils blackheads or whiteheads and clean your skin pores. Add water to vinegar and soak a cotton ball in it. Rub it slowly to big pores on face for 10 minutes and then wash face with cold water.
  12. Use lemon juice as a facial cleanser Acid present in lemon clears deep skin impurities while vitamin C makes skin lighter. Add water to lime juice and rub it to your face. Lemon is a very effective home remedy to get rid of large pores.
  13. Apply egg white to face. Break one egg and remove the yellow portion from it. Apply the remaining white egg to your skin, let it dry and then wash it with cold water. This will help you to get rid of large holes on your face.
  14. Papaya and strawberry fruit facial. Blend papaya and strawberry paste together and use it for reducing the appearance of pores on face. Apply this paste to face and especially nose to remove whiteheads, blackheads, blocked skin pores and wrinkles.
  15. Cucumber to shrink pores. Cucumber has skin lightening properties and provides a cooling sensation when applied to skin. Rub a slice of cucumber on face for 10 minutes and then cover it with cucumber paste. Cooling agents, moisture and lightening properties in cucumber will help you to fix your problem of large pores.
  16. Acid rich tomatoes. Tomato contain lycopene, acids and anti-oxidants that can be used to clear oils, blackheads and other skin impurities. Anti-oxidants act as catalyst in two ways. First it slows aging of skin and second it helps to repair skin quickly. Keep the paste of tomato on skin for 15 minutes and then clean your face with cold water.
  17. Pineapple cleansing mask. Ascorbic acid rich pineapple cleans the dirt from skin making it fair and glowing. This remedy is useful for people with big pores due presence of pollutants in it. Pineapple juice will wash out these skin adulterants deeply inside pores and make them look small.