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How to get Rid of Pigmentation on Face Quickly

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The best way to get rid of pigmentation on skin is by applying lightening creams to the dark spots and blemishes. To remove hyperpigmentation naturally from face, neck and hands you can also apply home remedies like lemon, cucumber, tomato, aloe vera and potato.

Get rid of pigmentation on face quickly

There are two types of pigmentation faced by the skin- one is hypopigmentation and the second is hyperpigmentation. In the first condition certain areas of your face develop white patches. This is because of the reduced melanin in that area. In hyperpigmentation due to increased melanin in certain areas of face, dark spots begin to appear. Well everyone wants to have a beautiful looking face but freckles and blemishes are some of the common problems. These tips will help you to get rid of pigmentation fast.

Water rinse your face

An important part in keeping skin spotless is by water rinsing it twice or thrice a day. Water will help you to clear the dead cells and dirt that stick to the skin all over the day. This will protect your skin from getting clogged and prevent scars. In case your face is oily, than use warm water for cleaning skin. I know that this is not a remedy to clear the pigmentations, but it is a precaution that everyone must follow to keep skin clean and clear.

Provide moisture to skin

After taking baths or scrubbing our skin needs moisture that has been lost in the cleaning. To fulfill the requirement of this lost moisture you need to use a hydration cream. Using such vitamin E creams on skin will shield skin against dryness. This tip is also very important in lightening the blemishes from skin.

Apply a sunscreen

Using sunscreen is one of the most important part in keeping skin away from dark or white pigmentations. Since sun is a major contributor to dark spots using a sunscreen will thus protect skin from damage. Apply a sunscreen with 30 minimum SPF before leaving your home. This sunscreen will provide protection layers to repel the damaging UVA and UVB rays thus keep protect skin from pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Use pigmentation lightening creams

You can apply skin lightening creams to lighten the blemishes on your skin. These fairness creams contain vitamin C, peptides and other natural extracts that help you to clear the dark and white patches from skin. Remember to buy a good brand product with lots of natural extracts to keep skin healthy and spotless. Such creams have proved to be helpful to many and may be one can help you too.

Home remedies to remove pigmentation

Home remedies have also proved to be very effective in clearing the pigmentation from skin. After using remedies like lemon and tomato apply a moisturizing lotion to the skin.

  1. Lemon
    The natural bleach and acidic properties in lemon makes it one of the most widely used remedy for this uneven skin problem. Remove one lime juice in a small bowl and using cotton balls dab it to the spots. Leave lemon for some time and then wash it using cold water. After applying lemon if your skin burns, then wash your skin, add water or honey to the bowl with lime juice and then repeat the procedure.
  2. Potato
    Catecholase enzyme in potato is well known for its ability to remove hyperpigmentation and blemishes from skin. This remedy is quite simple, just move potato slice on your face, neck and hands. An alternate way to use this remedy is by making a paste of peeled potato and then applying to the skin using cotton balls.
  3. Aloe Vera
    My favorite remedy to clear sun burns, tans, acne scars and spots is the one and only aloe vera gel. In many of my articles I have mentioned the benefits of aloe vera for getting healthy and glowing skin. Take aloe gel, apply it to the pigmented skin and leave it to dry. After it dries rinse it off using water. Repeat this remedy everyday to get back your beautiful skin.
  4. Cucumber
    Another popular and effective remedy is to use cucumber for lightening the freckles and scars on face. Keep cold cucumber slices on the spots daily for 10 minutes. This will definitely solve your problem and fade the pigmentation.
  5. Tomato
    Tomatoes are also one of the best natural bleacher having acidic properties that help to clear dirt and unclog skin pores. The antioxidant in it repairs the dark pigmented skin cells making your face glow. Make a paste of tomato and apply to your spots for 15 minutes daily.