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How to eliminate underarm odor

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Taking regular baths and wearing clean clothes are the best way to get rid of underarm odor quickly. To eliminate and stop armpit odor naturally use home remedies like vinegar, baking soda, lemon, tea tree oil, aloe vera and honey. Following these tips daily will eliminate the bad smell from underarms in a week.

Get Rid of Underarm odor

Bad odor from body can lead to a very embarrassing situation. The actual reason for this bad scent is not sweat, the main offenders are the bacteria on skin that work on sweat leading to the unpleasant aroma.

Take regular baths

Taking regular baths is an important step for removing the sweat on skin. If you don’t take daily showers the number of bacteria on skin increases tremendously that can lead to body odor. Hence during baths properly wash both your underarms to prevent it from darkening and for removing the skin impurities. Use dry towels for body as moist ones contain a lot of bacteria in it. Also after a workout when you reach home, remove sweaty clothes, take a small shower and wear clean clothes. Following these precautions will help you to prevent bad odor from body.

Use anti-bacterial soaps for underarms

You can use an anti-bacterial soap for killing the bacteria on your skin. It is your choice whether you want to use this soap for the entire body or just for washing the underarm region. Such soaps contain various ingredients that help to kill the germs on body making skin healthy. Now if you even sweat the number of bacteria on skin are very less and thus you can get rid of armpit odor to a great extent.

Wear clean washed clothes.

When our clothes become moist due to the sweat released by our body this causes an increase in the population of bacteria. Hence avoid wearing same clothes the next day which can contribute to unpleasant body odor. Wash clothes properly and remember to completely air dry it before wearing it the next time.

Apply deodorants regularly

Using deodorants and antiperspirants for underarms is a most common way to tackle the bad smell from underarms. Deodorants are made with special ingredients to kill the odor causing bacteria on skin. On the other hand antiperspirants are used to prevent sweat from coming on skin. These sprays contain aluminum salts that block the sweat glands and the way of sweat towards skin. My advice to you is to use deodorants instead of antiperspirants as killing bacteria if fine as compared to blocking of sweat glands.

Keep underarms well shaved.

Shaving underarms in regular intervals will not only keep it clean but also make difficult for the bacteria to find a safe home. Keeping skin well shaved makes it easier and effective for removing the bacteria. Suppose while taking bath if you have hair in armpits, this will prevent bacteria from being completely washed out as your hairs are providing a shield or safety to them. Hence shave underarms three times a week to stop bacteria from growing on skin.

Visit a doctor to get some medical prescription.

After trying all remedies if there is no improvement than the matter can be little serious. Hence you should consult a doctor for solving this problem. Your doctor will provide you with some medications, antibiotics and deodorants that can help you to get rid of underarm odor quickly.

Eating nourished foods can solve this problem

A study has suggested that people who eat healthy food are less prone to bad body odor as compared to people who eat foods rich in sugars, fats, spice and salts. I recommend you to eat such foods but there should be a limit as without eating junk foods there will be no taste in life. Eat home cooked healthy foods to keep this odor problem at bay.

Get rid of bad underarm odor naturally

  1. Aloe vera is one of the most effective natural remedy to get rid of underarm odor. It contains anti bacterial properties that wipes out bacteria on skin that lead to bad smell. Apart from this it also has skin lightening and cleansing properties that can remove the dirt and help to get rid of dark underarms. Take fresh gel of aloe and apply it to armpits and the go to sleep. Use warm water to clean skin in morning. Repeating this remedy for a week will prevent smelly underarms.
  2. Baking soda is considered to have both odoriferous and antiseptic properties that makes it one of the most used natural cure to prevent body from stinking. Applying baking soda not only soaks sweat but also help in neutralizing the bad aroma coming from body. To use this therapy dust baking soda to your underarms and wait for 20 minutes before washing it with warm water. Another way to use this remedy is by adding lemon and water drops to it and then applying this paste to skin for 20 minutes. Use this remedy once daily to get rid of underarm odor quickly.
  3. Vinegar is known for its ability to maintain the pH of skin as well as kill bacteria. Add drops of water to apple cider vinegar and rub it to both your underarms. This will reduce the odor coming from body. You can also drink little vinegar daily to get more impressive results.
  4. Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties that treat bacterial and fungal skin infections. Apart from this it has a pleasant scent which can be helpful in this case. Mix tea tree oil and water equally and add it into spray bottle. This is how a natural deodorant is prepared. You can also rub this oil to skin to make it fresh and odor free. For sensitive skin this remedy should be avoided, as it can cause inflammation.
  5. Tomato juice has widely been used since ancient times to fix body odor problem. Rub tomato juice to armpits for 10 minutes daily. Also modern studies recommend to include tomato in diet for getting rid of body odor.
  6. Honey too has antiseptic properties that can be combined with lemon juice to make it a powerful remedy for treating odor problem. Mix drops of honey to lemon juice and apply it to underarms. After 15 minutes take warm water and wash your skin.