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How To Prevent Wrinkles On Face

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Find the best tips which can prevent wrinkles on face in your 20’s as well as 30’s. With the use of sunscreen, wrinkle removing creams and a few basic tips your skin can remain young and beautiful.

prevent wrinkles

Skin aging is a progressive and irreversible complex biological process that begins to manifest after 25 years. As it progresses, degenerative processes occur (decreased cell renewal and collagen, the number of fat cells is reduced, etc.) that will result in the three main manifestations of skin aging: wrinkles, loss of volume and density loss.

The first signs of aging are caused both by intrinsic factors (such as one’s ethnicity, hormones and genetic) and extrinsic or external factors of cell damage are oxidative stress and over sun exposure and providing less hydration which can be controlled with a progressive and sustained care of the skin. Some other external factors include the prolonged and unprotected sun exposure, smoking, alcoholism, deficient diet, stress and environmental pollution.

To prevent premature aging, skin care should be based on: sun protection; adequate food; incorporating good nutrition, cleaning and skin care daily.

Sun protection

It is estimated that the sun is the cause of 90% of visible skin aging. The tan is nothing but an alarm signal which imposes that the skin is in need to protect your cells from external aggression, in this case ultraviolet radiation. To reduce damage, you should adopt a committed approach to the use of sunscreens. It is imperative that a good sunscreen compounds present among protective factors UVA, UVB, antioxidant and adherents. With the use of lotion with 30 SPF your skin be prevented to certain extent, but it is not completely safe.

Good nutrition

Mainly water moisturizes the skin inside out so it is imperative to take 2 to 3 liters of fluid per day, as well as add to the diet variety of fruits and vegetables, which act as antioxidants to prevent the formation of free radicals. In turn, it is recommended not to consume foods high in calories because calorie restriction reduces the generation of free radicals.

Currently, there is a greater awareness in society about the origin and quality of the food you eat daily. For this reason many people have decided to change their habits regarding how to feed in order to improve the quality of life.

However, when it comes to skin aging, not just fix food or incorporate healthier habits. It is at this stage where nutraceuticals or dietary supplements play an important role since, is an effective tool to restore the nutritional deficits caused by the industrialization of large amount of food.

Nutraceuticals are known for their antioxidant qualities. These are presented in the form of soft capsules, tablets or powders and should be prescribed by a dermatologist as a therapeutic adjuvant to prevent wrinkles.


Smoking triggers oxidative stress by generating free radicals. It is essential to quit smoking if you want to improve the appearance of the skin. Researches and studies carried out at various universities have claimed that smoking doubles the speed at which skin ages. So to prevent wrinkles quit smoking.

Cleaning the skin

It is essential to keep the skin clean. Currently, there are many cleaning products for the skin. After cleaning we recommend placing some facial tonic (moisturizer) to add shine and prolong hydration to the skin.

The next step is choosing a suitable cream. Keep in mind that not all skins are the same, either by the characteristics (there are dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, etc.). Therefore it is recommended to consult a dermatologist before making your purchase.

Anti-wrinkling creams

Broadly speaking, for young skin (before age 25) soft moisturizers without irritating compounds are recommended while for people aged 30-40 years, when some lines are evident, it is recommended to use creams slightly denser components such as hyaluronic acid or retinoids, always accompanied by sunscreen.
After 40-50 years skin aging is more advanced and the patients need to supplement the care above all with more specific treatments such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser, photodynamic therapy, or botulinum toxin.
To conclude we can say that not all skins and all individuals are equal so that preventive treatment is directed to each patient will be conditioned by multiple factors.

Choose your cream according to your skin type

If you have dry skin: Dry skin is characterized by the fragility of the superficial layer of the epidermis. The skin will tend to thin and easily irritated. This type of skin needs anti-wrinkle cream for dry skin which should contain identical to those included in the sunscreen sunscreens and anti-radicals to fight the harmful effects of the sun and oxidizing the skin. Avoid peeling agents that irritate dry skin.

If you have oily skin: Oily skin is characterized by a significant releases of sebum that protects the epidermis. Its appearance may seem bright, fatty or oily which can reduce the oiliness and clogged pores . The anti-wrinkle creams for oily skin cream to protect the skin of the factors that accelerate aging of the skin, like the sun. It must contain sunscreens and anti-radicals to fight the harmful effects of sunlight on the skin. Avoid the application of the anti-wrinkle cream for oily skin around the eye area.

If you have combination skin: Combination skin is characterized by the difference in texture depending on the area of the face. The middle of the face usually tend to be oily, while the other face is rather dry. Combination skin will tend to become easily irritated. When most of the face tends to be dry combination skin must be considered for dry skin as far as anti-wrinkle creams are concerned.
The anti-wrinkle cream for combination skin should contain sunscreens and anti-radicals. Avoid acidic substance (AHA as fruit acids or lactic acid, glycolic acid) to prevent irritation to the skin.

Tips to prevent wrinkles

  1. It is preferable to apply the sunscreen lotion in morning to protect skin exposed to UV rays, pollution and apply a cream anti-wrinkle night.
  2. Alternate every six months the products used.
  3. Alcohol and cigarettes can cause wrinkles at early age.
  4. For effective results, it is necessary to accompany the anti-wrinkle creams with a healthy lifestyle.
    Good morning and evening makeup remover, protect skin from the sun, have a healthy and balanced diet daily consuming fruits, vegetables and olive oil, rich in antioxidant properties.

Here were some of the best ways which can prevent wrinkles and delay your aging process. With a simple change in your skin care your skin will stay young and glowing.