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How to Use Lemon on Face

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The best way to use lemon on face is applying it in its natural form. If you have a sensitive skin type, then add water to lime and then apply it, to get a fair and glowing skin. Lemon is a good source of skin lightening and bleaching properties that makes it the best remedy to clear dark spots and acne scars from face.

Use lemon on face

Lemon is an amazing fruit that benefits you from both inside and out. But often we do not know the things you can do to make our skin look and feel better. We invite you to learn six ways by which you can improve your skin with lemon.

If your skin is sensitive to the acidic lemon, you can dilute the juice with water. Use cotton balls to apply the lime to your skin. Remember one thing that after applying the lemon juice to skin never go out in the sun until you have washed the juice with water.

Lemon can be used to exfoliate skin on face

Lemon is considered to have natural bleaching properties that makes it a favorite product in the natural beauty community. These bleaching and lightening properties help in slicing off the dead cell layer from skin which makes the skin look fresh and glowing.

To exfoliate dead skin cells and other impurities prepare a homemade scrub by mixing lime juice and sugar. Massage this scrub in circles on the skin for a few minutes. You can also make a paste using lemon juice, sugar and a few drops of water (for sensitive skin). We recommend you do this every night for the results to last longer.

Lime is effective in removing acne scars and blackheads

Rub half a lemon on the areas where you have acne scars for 5 minutes daily. This will help you to remove the acne scars from face and make skin look spotless. To remove blackheads and other hardened impurities you need to first pass steam to the face and then rub the lemon juice to the area with blackheads. This will effectively remove all your skin impurities and make it look clean and clear. I recommend you do this every night and rinse with cold water to close the skin pores.

Lemon is effective in removing fine lines from face

As described above, the lightening properties in lemon which also help in erasing the fine lines from skin. When this juice is mixed with aloe gel and olive oil and applied to the skin, it provides vitamins and antioxidants that help skin to recover from wrinkles.

To make a natural anti-aging mask against wrinkles mix one tablespoon of aloe vera gel or honey with a quarter lemon juice and half teaspoon of olive oil. Keep the mixture on your face and leave it for 20 minutes. Now use cold water to rinse.

Useful for closing skin pores on face.

Well, rather, to reduce the size of pores, lemon is an easy, effective and inexpensive remedy. Apart from helping you to get rid of clogged pores lemon also has the ability to shrink the large skin pores. Take a lemon juice and mix equal water to it. Now spread it to your big pores and slowly massage the area for 2 minutes. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it using cold water. This remedy is the best for closing the skin pores helping you to get rid of the large looking pores on face.

Lemon can be used as a natural facial toner

The excess vitamin C in lemon, plus the skin whitening properties make lemon a natural toner to get a glowing face. Wash face two times a day with lemon water to get beautiful skin.

Can be use to erase the dark spots from face

Before bedtime, apply lemon directly into the areas where you see the black spots and in the morning rinse with cold water. After a week or two, the lemon will be clear the dark spots from face giving you a fair skin color. You can also use this remedy for lightening the entire body by adding 1/2 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice to your bath soap.

Tips to use lemon on face

  1. To get a glow and oil free face wash your face daily with lemon water.
  2. Never apply lime directly to your acne, it can lead to inflammation.
  3. In case of burning sensation, wash your skin immediately. Mix water to dilute the juice and then use it.
  4. Moisturize your face evertime you use lemon on it. Since this natural remedy is acidic, it will also clear the moisture from skin making it dry. Hence, use a moisturizer to keep skin soft and healthy.
  5. If your face is sensitive then you should avoid using this remedy as it can lead to inflammation and redness on face.

The quantity of lemon you use should be based on your skin type. The more sensitive the skin is, add more water to the lemon solution. Using lemon properly will shield your skin from acne, remove dark spots and will always keep skin glowing. If you have some more remedies to use lemon for face, please share it in the comment section.