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Makeup Tips for Rainy Season

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To look beautiful you need to follow these special makeup tips for rainy season. Maybe rain or intense sun, these makeup tips are perfect that does not spoil so easily and can look amazing without alterations in all climates.

Makeup tips in rainy season

A beautifully painted face can quickly powder stripes and panda eyes when you step outside in the autumn rain and drizzle. Surely you lived some of these situations: leave your house on a sunny day and it rains and makeup fade or you left your house on a rainy day and before reaching the destination your makeup is a mess. But by following a few tips, you avoid having to fix your makeup at work after a wet bike ride.

We all love to be beautiful and makeup helps us, either to hide what we do not like to highlight or make face look attractive. So there are some tips that you should follow when it comes to makeup in rainy days and some others to always be prevented in case it rains.

If the weather turns into your worst enemy when you attend a meeting at work or an important appointment, do not worry about your makeup; follow these basic tips that will make you look radiant even when the sky is falling droplets.

The most important makeup for a rainy day, is the base, you should choose to make your skin look even, flawless and radiant despite the weather. Find a base with silicone achieve your skin look uniform for many hours.

The oil in the cream

It might be a good idea to invest in a good oil that you use in your day cream when the degrees of severity decreases. It helps to nourish your skin if it tends to become dry and the oil makes sure that your skin is not sensitive and fragile on the weather.

Also think about whether you need a new day cream. Very few people who can use the same face cream in summer and winter, so it is recommended that you have two different creams, and therefore a little easier for summer use and a more nutritious ones for the cold months.

Drop powder during monsoons

If you are the type who normally use compact powder, it may be a good idea to drop it in the autumn and winter months. Use rather a liquid foundation in a creamy consistency, then use a little more time to work it into the skin. It is seen that liquid foundations are not affected much by rains.

Stain your lashes

It is a very good solution to dye eyelashes instead of using mascara. During rains these mascara spread all over face making you feel embarrassed. Colour for eyelashes and eyebrows are available in many places in many varieties. For example, try the blue-black instead of the normal black rocker color. Dying of eyelashes should only be done at parlor to prevent any damage to eyes.

If you’re mostly for mascara, many believe that they should be out in a water-resistant variant. Most mascara nowadays are tear resistant and can therefore be good for monsoon. If you are not comfortable with dyeing only use waterproof mascara before going out.

Save your lip gloss

It is important to note that an aqueous lip gloss is not recommendable to use outside when it is very cold or wet. The reason is simply that the water in the product can begin to freeze or wash out by water.

Remember to moisturize lips as water takes away the moisture from skin making it dry. To keep lips soft and silky provide enough moisture during monsoons.

Opt for a long-lasting lipstick. Avoid gloss and select a matte lipstick. They usually have greater fixation and give you a look of dry face in the rain.

Use the correct lipsticks

Lip gloss is bad in bad weather. On the other hand, you can take advantage of the opportunity to get used lipstick as it seamlessly muddle through wind and weather.

Most lipsticks that are being made today are not affected by rain – but remember when you have applied it. It is only when you forget that you have lipstick on and try to wipe the water away from the face that the accident happened.

Forget the straight hair and control frizz

If you are addicted to hair straightener, better rest rainy days. That does not mean you cannot use it (in fact, you may get better tame those stubborn hairs), but the result will not last long if you get wet. If you have slightly wavy hair, choose to make curls with specific products.

Eye shadow

In fact, you can put almost all her makeup at home, without having to think about it when you have reached the destination. But you’re out in the big game, where you mix different eye shadows, so it’s a good idea to wait on that until you get there. You can also choose an alternative eye makeup for example, beautiful liquid eyeliner.

Regarding the eyes, seal the shadows on the lids with a layer of translucent powder and prefer waterproof products labeled ‘ waterproof ‘ on the packaging. This is a smart choice for not only on a rainy day but always, your makeup remains intact as the hours pass, the weather changes and your day comes to an end.

These are some of the best makeup tips for monsoons that you can use to prevent wiping and messing of your facial makeup. Follow it properly and also show your friends to save them from the makeup disaster during the rains.