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Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Skin Primer | 0.67 Fluid Ounce Review

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I am a huge fan of lip care range from Maybelline New York. So I was really excited to try this Baby Skin range. I chose Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser apart from other Maybelline products that I cannot resist sharing about. I was more than excited to try it out because this primer is most demanded in the market. Keep reading to know how I loved the Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer from Maybelline New York.

My Experience with Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer from Maybelline New York

The primer comes in a plastic tube of light aqua blue color. The tube is small. When I first bought this product, I thought I will finish it up too fast. Thankfully, I was proven wrong quickly. You actually don’t need to use that much product. It comes in smooth gel-like formula that is really clear. It is also a fragrance free formula. So there is no need to worry about skin irritation. It is very light formula so you can easily wear it under makeup without any problem. Sometimes, my skin is dry and sometimes it is oily and a bit of both sometimes. So, I often suffer visible skin pores around the sides of nose and a bit on my nose. But I never faced any issue with any ports. It is the best primer to prep my skin before I apply makeup. I bought it around a month ago and testing it and finally all set to experience. So, let’s take a look.

Maybelline Skin Instant Pore Skin Primer

According to Maybelline New York, the primer can quickly remove skin pores with its unique ‘instablur technology’. It seems like some kind of high-end solution to work. But this blurring effect comes from the silicone which is added in this formula. It is not a bad primer overall. Let’s keep the claims aside! Baby Skin comes with a gel texture which is literally very easy to apply. It comes out with satiny, smooth finish. It reduces the appearance of skin pores, though they won’t disappear, no matter the amount you use. It really works perfectly as a primer and adds a smooth canvas to apply foundation so it won’t slide on your face. It is fragrance-free which is the best part of this primer.

If you have normal or dry skin, this primer is surely the best choice. It is not helpful to control shine or oil. There is no need to use a primer if you have this kind of texture and use a good serum. If you choose this primer, it is the best choice at reasonable price.


  • Smooth, satiny finish and easy to apply
  • Helpful to reduce the appearance of skin pores to some extent
  • Works perfectly on makeup and it works as a smooth canvas to apply foundation


  • Claims of erasing pores instantly seem to be biased

This primer comes totally transparent, even though it feels thick. But when you squeeze it through the tube, it comes out thin and it is easy to spread when you apply with little pressure. My pores appeared blurred as promised by the company. It also appears much thinner after applying Baby Skin for the first time. Personally, I saw the dramatic effect overall. My skin feels and looks incredibly smooth.

Thanks to high amount of silicone in this product, you won’t have any issues on application before applying the foundation. Thanks to this product, the foundation glides on my skin very easily, with no streaks or patchiness.

Keep in mind that there is still little pooling. This primer has not created any buffer which can keep pooling at bay. The foundations normally pool up on the skin. It doesn’t occur when stippling brush is used for application. But this type of method doesn’t promote pooling, without or with the primer.

This is the fragrance-free, basic, silicone-based primer which is formulated well to reduce the appearance of skin pores. This product is applied after sunscreen or moisturizer but before applying foundation. It can be worn under makeup or alone. The product is not intended to make your makeup last longer but it is also a great benefit of this primer.

Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Skin Primer

What It Does Actually?

The silicone based skin primers actually don’t work on oily skin. In fact silicone-heavy and lotion-like primers also don’t work on my skin. But I really had great results with this primer. It worked really very well for my combination skin and the benefits it provided are really amazing.

With this product, I really experienced that less is more. I just applied a thin layer on the skin and it worked really well on my pores and they appear less noticeable. It also improved the life expectancy of my foundation by a couple of hours. It doesn’t work to keep my foundation from sliding up in pores but it is the only problem with foundations that pool up in pores. This product keeps foundation steady and avoids it to pool up. It also doesn’t provide any oil control to me. It doesn’t add oil to the skin.

Maybelline Baby Skin Primer vs. Others

This product clearly works like Smashbox Photo Finish Primer when it comes to performance and physical appearance. They both are fragrance-free, transparent and thin.  For me, Maybelline worked really well and better than Smashbox personally. When compared to Benefit The Porefessional, they are unique in looks. The Porefessional is fragrant, tinted and little thicker when it comes to texture. I applied Baby Skin to half portion on my face and The Porefessional on another. Then I applied concealer, foundation, and powder. After 8 hours, I looked at my face closely and found the side where Baby Skin is applied was much better.

Baby Skin from Maybelline New York made my skin looked smoother, softer and the makeup lasted longer. I personally choose Baby Skin as it doesn’t feel thick or heavy and it can be removed so easily with my facial cleanser. Baby Skin performs better than other products for my skin.