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Natural Ways to Lighten Skin Tone at Home

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The best way to lighten skin tone fast is by using chemical free creams and products to get a fair tone. But one can also use naturally made home remedies like lemon, aloe vera, milk cream, strawberries and honey to get a fair complexion. These fairness tips can also be used for men for lightening their skin tone.

Everyone wants fair and glowing skin. Have you ever asked yourself the way to lighten skin tone? Do you think you are the only girl who thinks like this?

Many of us tried hundreds of cosmetics and creams which are available in market just to lighten skin tone. This is fact that around 60 % of women in our country dream to look fair.

Friends avoid lightening the skin tone using chemical loaded, harsh cosmetics. These cosmetics are very expensive. Why every time needs to invest money on cosmetics? Try out easy homemade and cost effective skin lightening remedies which will help you in brightening and whitening your skin and will give instant glow. These simple homemade packs will boost hydration and glow and will offer you gorgeous skin.

Natural ways to lighten skin tone

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Home made remedies to lighten skin tone naturally

Today we will share some simple face packs which will act as instant skin lightening treatment at less cost at your home only.

    1. Dried Orange peels

      Our first skin brightening pack is a paste of dried orange peels.
      At your home you can dry orange peels just by placing them under the sun. For that take orange separate its pulp and peels. Take out pulp and eat them, remaining peels place under sun so that it dry nicely. Note – dry orange peel nicely till all the moisture is gone and it turns crisp.

      How to prepare this fairness cream.

      Take orange peels, in mixture or grinder grind them into powder.

      Take bowl mix 1 tbsp of powder and 1 tbsp of unflavored yogurt and make fine paste.

      Take this paste and apply on your face and neck.

      Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash off your face with cold water.

      Benefit of this pack

      This pack is very effective in reducing skin blemishes and spots thus results in lightening skin tone.If you massage this pack in circular motion on affected area then will help to remove blackheads and whiteheads nicely.


    1. Aloe vera fairness mask

      If you have read my previous articles I have described many benefits of aloe vera for our hair and skin. Well repeating those benefits is not a problem for me, so here are some of the advantages of aloe gel for skin. This gel contains a good amount of moisture, antioxidants and variety of skin freshening ingredients that help skin achieving a glow.

      Take one aloe leaf and give it a cut horizontally in the center. Now you will find some sticky fluid coming out of this leaf. Extract this sticky gel and apply it to your skin. Gently rub it over your skin for five minutes to remove the dead cells and dirt that make skin to look dark. Leave this gel on skin for 20 minutes more and then wash it using cold water.


    1. Prepare a fresh fruit facial

      You can prepare a fruit facial pack by mixing papaya, apple and strawberries. After preparing the paste and mixing them properly apply this to your dark skin and leave it for 15 minutes. Enzymes in papaya, nourishment in apple and antioxidants in strawberries will deeply clean and nourish the skin making it look fair and gorgeous.


    1. Tomato and oatmeal face pack.

      This one is fourth skin lightening face pack in our list.

      Ingredients present in this face pack is very effective in removing blemish and tan and helps in lightening skin tone.

      Recipe for this paste

      Take oatmeal, tomato puree and yogurt – 1 tbsp each.

      Wash your face with regular water and apply this pack on your face and neck.

      After 15 minutes, wash your face nicely with cold water.

      Benefits of this recipe.
      Yogurt is very effective for every type of skin especially for oily skin, Yogurt is mild bleaching agent and if you apply this on your face then it will remove blemishes and leaves your skin supple and moisturized. Tomato has natural skin lightening property in it. Even it is good astringent. Whereas, oatmeal gently and naturally exfoliate your skin.

      Note – while removing this face pack gently rub so that all dead skin will be removed. You can apply this mask if you want to remove sun tan from your face. This pack is very effective.


    1. Lemon Juice, Milk and Honey

      Apply this face pack to get glowing and youthful face. This pack will give you really baby soft skin.

      Recipe for this natural cream

      Take milk or milk powder – 1 tbsp, Honey – 1 tbsp and lemon juice – 1 tbsp.

      Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.

      Apply this pack on your face.

      Leave this pack on your face for 20 to 25 minutes.

      Once dried take cold water and wash your face nicely.

      Caution –
      Never use frozen lemon juice, always use fresh juice.

      As Lemon is present in this pack so it will make your skin photosensitive so make sure to apply sunscreen daily.

      If you have sensitive skin then lemon juice may not suit your skin. Even if you are allergic to lemon then do not apply this face pack.

      You can use this skin lightening pack daily or alternative day to get fair and glowing skin.

      Benefits –

      Honey acts as natural moisturizer. Lemon act as cleaning agent and is good astringent. Milk helps to lighten your skin tone.


      We any are not born with fair skin. But if you do not have fair skin means you are not beautiful? There are many options available at home to make your skin fair and glowing. Many celebrities and models who are not blessed with fair complexion are simply beautiful just because they take care of their diet and skin. They love themselves so. This results in glowing and healthy skin tone.

      One thing is that the above remedies will not completely make you fair, but it will help to remove the impurities from skin that make skin darker. These remedies will certainly provide you a glowing and beautiful skin.

      You try to follow these simple home remedies from your home to get light skin and include them in your daily routine.