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5 Tips to Remove Blemishes Overnight

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Do you have dark spots on face which you want to clear permanently? Here are the best tips that will remove blemishes overnight. Treatments like laser and natural home remedies like lemon eliminate dark scars quickly.

remove blemishes overnight

The spots on the skin, as we have said before, are some of the problems that most concern women, regarding their aesthetics. That’s why, we go to uncover those secrets with which you remove blemishes permanently. What to do when you see dark spots on face? We have different options. First, and even if it sounds recurrent: We must continue to protect the skin of the sun. A fact which we have to emphasize is the use of cosmetics specifically designed to take care of those stains.

Use a cream to remove blemishes

We should also note names such as: Arbutin, Glycolic Acid and Kojic Acid. These components have the ability to whiten skin and dark spots. This is what we can do at home. These products are not going to erase these spots on the skin in few days, let’s not fool ourselves. They will take a month or two to make them less visible. With a continuous use (that is to say, being regular) we will be able to see positive results. What should we look for in a cream? Among all its ingredients, we must look for creams to get slightly bleaching effect and to help with the luminosity. This includes products with vitamin C and other bleaching agents which helps remove blemishes and marks overnight.

Sun protection to prevent stains

Summer is the time of year when more damage can be done to our skin by exposing it to the sun. However, enjoyment does not have to be synonymous with risk. Taking some precautions and above all, incorporating smart products and habits, stains can be prevented simply. Here we tell you the things that are best you know before you go out and enjoy the sunlight.

Focus on habits and products that take care of your beauty at the same time as your health; Maybelline joins the Crusade and has just released the Pure 3D base that defends you from the sun with SPF 30.

Should SPF be used only to protect the stain when exposed to the outdoors? No. While it is true that an excess of sun rays causes stains, there are other types of radiation that also produce activation of the pigment, such as that of computer screens, fluorescents or televisions. To be more protected and to avoid the appearance of spots, it is recommended to use a protector both inside and outside.

Professional face mask treatments

To treat blemishes overnight we propose a treatment that promises to put an end to those anti-aesthetic spots: intensive depigmenting masks. Whose result, besides being evident from the first weeks, is a fabulous skin with a younger appearance and without spots, unifying the tone and bringing luminosity to the face.

This treatment is characterized by being applied in two phases:

1- The first phase is done in a cabin, since it is a professional face mask. Through this procedure we will prevent the process of melanogenesis, slowing the production of melanin over a long period of time, during which macrophagic cells and desquamation of the stratum corneum drag the melanin deposit. What is achieved with the depigmenting products is to prevent the arrival of the pigment, to the superficial layers of the skin.

2- The second phase is to maintain the results from home. It is essential to provide an extra hydration to the skin, since after undergoing this treatment, the skin can flake and redden. It is also essential to always use sun protection to prevent them from coming out again.

Laser treatment for blemishes

Outside of it, in beauty salons or dermatology centers, we have other more drastic (and more effective) options like laser treatment. These medical treatments are more expensive and must be performed by people with knowledge. The effectiveness with these treatments is that they usually work very well, are quick and does require several weeks. Treatments like laser and pulsed light, peels or suitable creams and above all, with a lot of sun protection, your freckles and acne scars will be cleared permanently.

Home remedies to remove blemishes naturally

There are many factors that can cause skin blemishes: acne, wounds or UV rays, however, some natural products have properties that help to diminish these marks. Here we tell you what they are.

  1. Lemon: This product is very good antibacterial and healing, so we recommend you squeeze your juice and put it on your face at night, let stand 20 minutes and rinse with cold water (do not do it for the day because you can stain your skin). Vitamin C and acids in lemon work quite good as a natural remedy to get rid of blemishes on face.
  2. Onion: Blend a piece of this vegetable and apply the porridge on the spots for 20 minutes (avoid the eye contour), then rinse with cold water. Few people know the emollient and healing properties of this product can be used in whitening the acne scars and dark spots on face.
  3. Milk: this drags the dead cells off the surface of the skin and can help reduce blemishes if you apply it on your skin and let it act overnight. Plus it has quite a number of vitamins and minerals that all together work to lighten blemishes and make skin spotless.
  4. Aloe vera gel: it has a healing and toning effect that not only serves the stains, but for the general benefit of your skin. You can apply it during the night and rinse at dawn with cold water.

Are skin blemishes dangerous?

Stains on the skin are a health hazard. No. The spots on the skin are not serious to our health. In any case, you can always consult the dermatologist. When the spots appear they must be monitored carefully and it is recommended that a dermatologist examine them once a year, as well as the moles. It is important that we urgently visit the doctor when we notice a strange behavior like a change of color, relief, pica or something that is not good. Special attention must be paid to those with irregular contours. The reason why all specialists recommend preventing them, as you will see, is not merely aesthetic; they can be the beginning of something more complicated.

Myths about skin blemishes

  1. Make-up increases the risk of blemishes. FALSE.

    Not only is it fake but makeup can be a great ally when it comes to protecting you from blemishes. The minimum activities of the day like going out to buy something involve somehow exposing the skin to a risk because even when our exposure is not prolonged, the intensity of the sun is so strong that it can cause damage anyway. Just using a sunscreen will help prevent this damage to a great extent.

  2. Oily skin needs less protection. FALSE.

    Fatty skins are equally vulnerable, but a bit more complicated since a sunscreen can worsen and clog the pores. If you have oily skin, you to have to use astringents and apply very light products. At this point you have to take care of yourself more than ever and carefully choose the products you are going to use to not make the problem worse or expose you to acne.

  3. Genetics is primarily responsible for skin blemishes. FALSE.

    While it is true that genetic predisposition makes it much easier to get spots (freckles) on the skin, excessive exposure to sunlight is primarily responsible for both immediate and late darken. The first occurs when the melanin in our skin is oxidized, and it adopts a darker form that disappears in hours or days. The second, when the process becomes chronic.

  4. Anti-stain treatments are only used in winter.

    False. Anti-stain treatments that do not contain de-pigmentation ingredients can be used at any time of the year, those that do have them should then be reserved for the colder months.

  5. Does drinking water with lemon lighten the stains?

    False. It is a myth. The simple fact of drinking water with lemon will do much good for the body, but it will not clarify the spots of the skin.