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12 Skin Care Tips for Men

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Find the best skin care tips for men which will help in maintaining healthy skin. These natural tips will help men to get clear and young facial skin.

Skin care tips for men

Facial and skin care is something assimilated by many people, not just the female gender. In recent years the beauty care for the appearance of the skin is widespread in males too. Incorrectly men sometimes use the same cosmetics products built for women, but this is wrong because the skin of man and woman is not equal. It nor has the same properties, since it is thicker, more durable and tends to be oilier by the hormonal load.

There are three physiological factors that differentiate men’s skin and women: the thickness, firmness and sebum. The skin of a male is oilier than women and their main problem are the highlights. As this is a different skin, you should take care with specific products. Most men are careful and invest in skin care because they do not want wrinkles and dehydration to make a dent in their face. So it is essential that the man use suitable to your skin type products. If you walk a little lost in this skin care but you’ve become interested in it, do not worry, because then we give the most important skin care tips for men. Take note!

Sin care tips for men

  1. Nutrition. An improper nutrition has a very hard effect on male skin, and thereby lowering the production of fat and sweat. Therefore, it is vital to drink plenty of water and eating foods with antioxidants and vitamins C and E to always keep up.
  2. Cleaning. At this time of year, make a good facelift daily, twice daily, removes traces of pollution. Ideally do once getting up and again before bedtime. First wash face with warm water and cleanser, then dry and subsequently apply a facial moisturizer. This is the most important skin care tips for men.

    It is essential that you make use of a facial cleanser daily, since proper cleaning is the basis for a healthy skin care. You must use a facial cleanser product especially suitable for male skin. It’s not worth washing your face with soap, since the skin can be dehydrated, offer feeling of tightness, feel stinging or irritation. You can get facial cleansers at a good price. Most often cleaners drag excess sebum and dirt gently without damaging the skin and leave a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. Use it twice a day, once in morning and once at night to remove accumulated dirt during the day.

  3. Hydrates and exfoliate. Of course, once you’ve washed the skin of your face, it is essential that you continue routine daily care. Men’s skin is usually very dehydrated and just feels tight, so an extra daily hydration is necessary. Use a moisturizing gel on a daily basis, but also every time you shave. Just after you finish shaving or facial cleansing, moisture the skin and avoid damage. On the other hand, it is also important to exfoliate the skin to keep the skin free of impurities and slow the appearance of wrinkles.
  4. Lips. They are always one of the most sensitive areas as the overlying skin is thinner and has no melanin. Therefore, they are more likely to suffer from ultraviolet rays and using Vaseline you must protect at all times. It is also a good idea to clean lips weekly with a gentle exfoliation.
  5. Shave. Often after shaving irritations occur by small lesions that facilitate the penetration of germs on skin and can cause infections. To avoid them you have to moisten with hot water throughout the area and apply a good amount of shaving foam or gel giving a gentle massage. It is important to use very sharp razor blades.
  6. Beard. If you have a beard, wash it at least once a day with a mild neutral pH shampoo to maintain its good standing with the passage of time. Never forget this skin care tip for men having a beard.
  7. Facial gymnastics. Dedicate 10 minutes a day to massage the face. It may seem silly, but it helps to improve blood circulation and counteract the signs of aging.
  8. Cream. Get used to use daily cream particularly suitable for the skin of your face. If your skin is oily, your skin prefers oil free products and suppose if it is dry then go for vitamin E and oil based product.
  9. Sunscreen. Most people think that the sun’s rays do not affect on cloudy days but they are wrong. It also affects our skin when the sun is hidden behind the clouds. We must continue protecting them to keep it safe from U.V rays. An SPF 15 or SPF 20 is sufficient for this season.This is the most neglected, but one of the most important skin care tips for guys.
  10. Hands. Whether we like it or not, there are always exposed. Wear gloves helps, but who wears it all the time? It is therefore important that you apply a special cream at least twice a day and you always wash with warm water. Do not wash too many times, because they can dry the skin in the area.
  11. Exercise. Play sports to release endorphins or other activity you like. Remember that a healthy body makes a healthy mind and both are synonymous with beauty.
  12. Eye contour. If you have experienced the first wrinkles and bags, it is essential to have in hand a good eye contour cream to control premature aging. Apply at night on the outer corners of the eyes after cleansing your skin. However, if you want to get rid of it naturally then stay away the sun, stress, snuff, poor diets and alcohol consumption.

Following these steps, you can have a perfectly maintained skin this fall. Generally, these are the main skin care tips for men which must be implemented to protect your skin. Use alcohol-free products, firming serums and skin products with fewer chemicals; they are other keys that you should remember.

Factors that negatively affect men’s skin are age, fatigue and stress, pollution, unbalanced diet, among others. However, your skin may look healthier with a good facial. And in that sense, use beauty products for facial cleaning, personal hygiene, shaving and solar products classified under men’s category. Take note of these steps and put them into practice to get healthy skin.