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Tips to Lighten Freckles on Face Quickly

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Using chemical products, laser treatment and home remedies can help to lighten freckles on face fast. One can also use makeup to hide freckles.

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Who doesn’t long for a healthy skin? Of Course, we all do! However, the freckles, blackheads and whiteheads are a major skin problems and doesn’t allow to live problem free. Freckles are mainly caused due to the harmful effects of the sun rays. People with fair skin are affected a lot by the freckles. The following are some of the tips:

Tips to prevent freckles are as follow:

Avoid spending more time in the sun. The ultra violet rays of the sun can damage your skin, leaving it dull and dry. As a kid, we do not heed to our parents and continue playing in the sun. Thus, one should minimize the sun exposure to the skin. Stay inside your home between 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.

If you are stepping out in the hot noon, ensure that you apply a sun protection cream which has higher spf factor.

The sunscreen lotion should be repeated after every two hours.

How to lighten freckles on face:

Reducing freckles is a must to maintain the health of the skin: The following remedies will assist you in reducing freckles:

  1. Sun Safe:
  2. Protect your skin with a good sunscreen lotion which has more than 30 as it’s SPF factor. Repeat your sunscreen lotion frequently during the day. Wear a cap to protect yourself. Use a scarf or cover your skin with a stole.

    Using Chemical Treatments

  3. Bleaching:
  4. Bleaching helps to remove the dirt and provides instant glow to the skin. It reduces the pigmentation. But, be careful with choosing the brand of the bleach. Do a test check on your hand before applying to the face. If the brand doesn’t suit you it will cause blemishes and redness on your skin. Try for another brand.

  5. Retinoids:
  6. They are helpful in peeling the skin, thereby making the skin cells more fresh and rejuvenating. It usually involves a lot of chemicals and must not be used on regular basis. It is always better to consult a professional or a beauty expert before opting for retinoids.

  7. Using Chemical Peels:
  8. Chemical Peels will definitely fetch you the results. This is higher level of treatment and is usually considered as medical treatment. One has to be careful while opting for chemical peels. A good professional or doctors must be appointed to take care of these chemicals.

    Using Surgical Methods

  9. Laser removal:
  10. If you want to permanently get rid of the freckles, laser methods are the best. It will send a light to the affected spot which will be absorbed both by the skin and the melanin pigments. The dark cells will immediately be destroyed and the healthy cells will be nourished. Take a second opinion before opting for laser surgery. A good dermatologist must be asked for this surgery. Do not take a risk with the surgeries.

  11. Cryosurgery:
  12. It involves the usage of liquid nitrogen. The damaged tissues are subjected to extreme cold temperatures, which will reduce the freckles.

    Home Remedies to lighten freckles

  13. Lemon juice:
  14. Take a fresh lemon and extract the juice out of it. Add little drops of water to dilute it. Apply on the dark spots. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent and will lighten the skin.

  15. Vitamin C:
  16. You can also add vitamin c related food to your diet or take additional supplements. It will automatically cure the skin.

  17. Strawberries:
  18. Take a ripe strawberry and mash it out. Apply the paste on the face as a mask and leave it for twenty minutes. Wash it with normal water.

  19. Sour milk:
  20. Make a paste of sour milk and oats together. Apply on the affected area. You can massage it in circular motions and leave it to dry. Wash it after twenty minutes. Follow this procedure on regular basis and freckles will slowly fade away.

  21. All skin lightening kitchen ingredients:
  22. Make a paste of cucumber, honey, nutmeg, potato and other products that will lighten freckles and the skin. Apply on the affected area regularly.

    Makeup to hide freckles

  23. Concealer:
  24. If you need some temporary solution to deal with freckles, use a good concealer to hide those blemishes. Just apply on the skin and blend it well with the skin.

  25. Learn to love yourself:
  26. Yes, a healthy mind leads to healthy skin. Love yourself the way you are. Remain stress free and embrace yourself.

    Hope this article had been useful to you. It is always better to take preventive measures at an earlier stage than cribbing later. Take good care of your skin from an early age and avoid all these problems. Do share your feedback with us and let us know if any other remedy can be added to deal with freckles. We would love to hear from you.