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Tips to Make Last Long Makeup for Greasy Skin

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Greasy skin is not bad at all. Just because you have greasy skin, it doesn’t really mean you need to avoid makeup forever. In fact, you are less prone to wrinkles and fine lines on your skin as it will be well nourished always. When it comes to choosing makeup, it’s the matter of considering your skin type.

However, there are some disadvantages of oily skin too. Because of oily skin, you are likely to face a lot of challenges and the major challenge is keeping makeup last all day long, especially on humid summer days. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time to perfect their makeup painstakingly. To enhance their looks and beauty, women use a variety of cosmetic products which help improve the external look of your skin. Oily skin looks shiny yet greasy because it produces excess oil. This type of skin also loses makeup very soon. Nevertheless, here are some helpful tips to make your makeup last longer in oily skin.


It is the first thing you should do every morning. If you have greasy skin, you have to cleanse your face first. Be sure to use a facial cleanser which has 2% of salicylic acid, at least. Salicylic acid removes and breaks the oil down on your face instead of drying your skin out. Before cleansing your face, wash your hands properly. Otherwise, the oil on your hands will be transferred to your skin directly.

Use Rubbing Alcohol to Cleanse T Zone

If your T-zone is vulnerable to develop oil, then swipe it out with your rubbing alcohol every morning in order to deal with excess oil. All you need to put a few drops of rubbing alcohol on cotton and clean it properly over your nose, forehead and chin. Use only a little bit of rubbing alcohol or it will dry out your skin adversely.

Avoid Unhealthy Food

It is another important tip to maintain your makeup and make it last all day. You need to careful about your diet. If you have greasy skin already, it is important to sweat more. Avoid alcohol, spicy and hot food and limit your alcohol intake to only one drink. Also avoid the spicy food when you are at home. You can also eat more and more foods which are healthy like spinach and carrot that have vitamin A because it is helpful to slow down oil production on your skin.

Use an Oil-Free Moisturizer

Even your oily skin needs proper moisturizing, or it will produce even more oil and get into overdrive without proper moisturization. Hence, you should use oil-free, light, no-cream based skin moisturizer. When it comes to using it, be sure to let the moisturizer be absorbed into the skin and allow proper time for it before applying any makeup.

                      Tips to Make Last Long Makeup for Greasy Skin

Put on the Powder before Using Foundation

Before you apply any kind of foundation, you need to put on a light layer of powder. It might look a little strange and it is definitely a great way to avoid skin oil for a longer period. The powder is helpful to fill up your skin pores and keep the oil to come in. Hence, it is important to use powder first and it can keep your face free of oil for around 8 hours at a time.

Use Matte Primer

It is yet another good and helpful tip to make your makeup last throughout the day. Matte primer is a helpful choice. It can be used on all skin types. But it is essential if you have oily skin. Apply it on your greasy skin and get the finish like a smooth canvas so you can apply whatever you want for your makeover. Basically, it will also offer the ideal base which can keep your makeup last longer for several hours. For oily complexion, it is important to use anti-shine, oil-free primer on your chin and nose, and on your forehead, after cleansing your face.

Avoid Using Concealer on Eyelids

There are lots of women using concealer on eyelids. No matter what, you can apply it. But it is definitely not a wise choice if you have oily skin. Use a primer instead. Make sure it is designed specifically for eyelids and it can help absorb the grease all day long. A concealer does nothing but giving an even color to you. So, it will not be so effective that can keep your eye shadow at a place as a primer would.

Choose Right Foundation

For your oily skin, you need to choose the right foundation. It is yet another best tip to make your makeup last longer on your greasy skin. It can really make the difference on your overall looks. In order to ensure lasting makeup, you need to buy mineral-based, oil free matte foundation with no fragrance. It is wise to use a brush to apply the foundation on your oily skin. It will be helpful to fill up your skin pores better and excess oil can be absorbed more.

                                                 Tips to Make Last Long Makeup for Greasy Skin

Use Clay Facemask At Least Once a Week

Use a clay facemask at least once in a week. It will be helpful to keep your oily skin under your control. It will be helpful for your makeup to stay where it is important. If you have oily skin, Kaolin Clay is one of the best clays you can use. A clay facemask can help you achieve better results if it is not left on until it gets dried properly. Wash the facemask when it is still a little damp. Don’t leave it dry for longer. It might absorb too much of oil from your skin and you will feel dry.

Keep Powder and Blotters Handy

Carrying powder and blotter always with you is one most important and final tip to keep your makeup last longer. Most of the women make a mistake which is that they use powder during the day on their face without blotting. In order to deal with oily skin, blot your face first before applying powder.