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TONYMOLY Egg Pore Shiny Skin Soap Review

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I was looking for the whole new facial soap because I used a soap recommended by my skin specialist. When I found this Tony Moly product on the web, I really got surprised how this product is so popular. I watched the videos and found this stuff quite interesting due to its cute shape. But they are little costly as they are made in Korea. But I still bought this new face soap and picked it as I have oily skin. In addition, the packaging is quite appealing that is another reason why I bought it. I also asked some people and they said that it is safe for my skin type.

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So, let’s start with the packaging. The package contains two beautiful egg shaped soaps that come in specialized egg container. How interesting is that? The company recommends using white egg soap in the morning and brown at night before sleeping. The white egg is designed to brighten your skin and brown egg soap can tighten your skin pores. I just loved how this soap worked on my skin. My skin really feels soft and supple when I used it. It also has a strong fragrance but doesn’t last longer. It is another plus for your skin. After using the product I literally didn’t experience the difference. Instead, I got a comment from my buddy that my skin is looking brighter. Rather than breaking out my skin, it really worked magically to prevent all the acne and kept it all under control. If you have oily skin, I would definitely recommend this soap to you. No matter how pricey it is, I would definitely buy it again.

I am really into buying skincare products online these days. I bought several cosmetic products from Amazon like peel-off masks, extractors and so on. I have bought a whole lot of things for my skin care and makeup. I am very generous and now sharing what I bought latest – Tony Moly Shiny Egg Pore Skin Soap. I had few initial doubts before I bought this product.

  • Will these cleansers do something special or are they nothing but a daily run of the mill products?
  • Are they different only from colors or do they have something different? Are they unique with different purposes?
  • Why are they offering the product without any instructions, descriptions or ingredients used?
  • The packaging is really nice. But what the hell does it contain?
  • What’s the purpose of giving shiny skin, as shiny skin means stripped skin?
  • They have great fragrance. I can smell the perfume and they come in shrink wrap.
  • Should I wet it and roll it in my hands around the way I use a daily soap bar?

The first thing I did was obviously watching it on YouTube. I expected some reviews and tutorials on using this product. I thought someone will tell me how to use these eggs. Actually, I found many reviews on products of Tony Moly. But I found only a few on these eggs. Here is something I found from reviews –

  • You may end up with dry skin after use
  • You have to leave the foam from cleanser on the skin for 10 minutes as a mask.
  • When used every day, it irritated skin
  • Cleans skin pores and skin well
  • Contains egg
  • The dark egg should be used in the evening and white one in the morning. But don’t know why? What dark eggs contain so they are better to use in the evening?

I didn’t find anything solid. So, I decided to Google it, which is next logical thing for me to do. Finally, I found the description of this product –

  • Contains red clay, egg whites, and coconut oil
  • Egg soap removes sebum, reduces pore size and waste from within the skin pores
  • Smoothes and moisturizes your skin
  • You can use it as a pack
  • Make proper foam using lukewarm water just like you would do with daily soap. Massage it gently to the face and wash it.
  • To use it as a face pack, make thick foam after washing your face. Apply it gently over the face and wash it after few minutes.

TONYMOLY Egg Pore Shiny Skin Soap


  • Deeply cleanses your face
  • Cute egg shape
  • Contains both night and morning soap


  • Little costly
  • Dry out your skin and your skin may feel oily. So, it is recommended to apply moisturizer after using these soaps.

These are really awesome egg-shaped soaps. The White one is recommended for morning and the darker one is for the night. They are considered to be the best choice for cleansing your skin. You can break out more in your first week but it can remove all the icky stuff in your skin pores.  Once it is removed, your skin will start looking amazing. In fact, my fiancé also tried this product because he had a slight issue with acne and oily skin. I often get a pimple on my combination skin. It really worked for both. I found more improvements on my face and it has truly cleared up my skin.

We suggest you apply moisturizer after use. These are deep cleansing soaps so they can dry out skin and it can feel oilier. As a result, the skin produces more oil to recover the moisture which you lost while washing it. In order to deal with it, you should use deep moisturizer.

The size is really nice and it can easily fit well in your palm. It has nice lather because of which you can use it like face pack from the lathery bubble. You have to make a lather and use it like your face pack from the thick foam bubble. Spread the foam evenly over the face and let it sit for around 10 minutes and wash it off. You may see the thin layer of the bubble. It can truly remove skin impurities by using it as a pack. Overall, it is a good buy for your skin.