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How To Use Honey For Greasy Skin

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Find the best way to prepare and use honey for greasy skin type. These face masks will help you get rid of all the oils and dirt over the face and make it smooth.

use honey for greasy skin

Honey is an ingredient full of benefits for our health and is that, in addition to being the best alternative to naturally sweeten, is also an excellent cosmetic ally present in many products for hair and skin. So why not take full advantage of it? We give you some ideas to discover how to make face masks for oily skin and enhance the beauty of your complexion.

Although there are numerous cosmetics on the market that ensure optimum care of the skin and hair, it is not bad to occasionally resort to natural ingredients that in the purest form. From soy to aloe vera, there are many allies we find in nature, some very sweet and pleasant, such as honey. It is an ingredient that not only brings various benefits to our body like combat insomnia or a cold, but it is also very useful to remove oils on face.

Honey is an excellent antioxidant, a good moisturizer for the skin, an ingredient that promotes healing and a prominent natural antibiotic that helps us eliminate accumulated bacteria. All these characteristics make it a perfect ingredient for the elaboration of natural face masks, especially for oily skin.

Honey Face Mask for Greasy Skin

Honey brings great benefits to our skin, so it is an ingredient that works perfectly to hydrate the skin and give it a perfect luminosity and firmness. Among the beautifying properties of honey, it is also considered a good natural product for exfoliating skin. Given its high content of sugars and vitamins, honey acts as a powerful exfoliant that cleans and removes impurities from the face. The minerals and vitamins with which the honey is formed are suitable to increase the hydration of our skin. In some due to lack of hydration, skin is forced to produce more oils, but honey face mask helps in leveling the moisture levels. This prevents out body to product more oils for the skin.

Honey and Lemon Mask for Oily Skin

The masks of honey and lemon diminish the greasiness of the skin, they improve the acne, they prevent the formation of blackheads and also they offer other benefits for the beauty. The natural masks are effective to treat any type of problem present on the skin, there prevent wrinkles, remove blemishes, firm the skin and remove eyelid bags.
In this opportunity we will share a mask of honey and lemon that not only serves for oily skin, but also helps to lighten stains and rejuvenate the face. Why is the honey and lemon mask beneficial? Before beginning with the explanation of how to prepare the mask of honey and lemon, it is important to explain the benefits of these ingredients to the skin.

Honey contains vitamins, proteins, minerals and other substances that deeply nourish the skin, while having bactericidal properties that are beneficial to treat acne and prevent the formation of pimples. Lemon is antioxidant, lightening, astringent and disinfectant, it is ideal to reduce greasiness, lighten blemishes and marks. How to prepare the mask of honey and lemon?

Preparing the honey and lemon mask is so easy that you only need one tablespoon of pure honey and one teaspoon of lemon juice. If you want to prepare a larger amount you can use two tablespoons of honey and a spoonful of lemon juice. Mix the ingredients well and it is ready to be applied.

The mask of honey and lemon is applied on clean skin and to extend it you can use a brush, a sponge or simply the fingers. It is placed all over the face (can also be used on the neck) except on the eyelids. Leave on for half an hour, remove with a damp sponge or wash the skin with cold water.
Warning: When using lemon-laden masks, they should be removed with plenty of water. This is because lemon acids on contact with the sun can cause stains on the skin.

Honey and baking soda

A perfect mask to cleanse the skin and remove accumulated fat is honey and baking soda. Simply add three tablespoons of honey in a bowl, put a few seconds in the microwave (to make the honey soft) and incorporate on spoon of baking soda. Apply on face with gentle circular upward movements and leave for 20 minutes. When you retire you will notice your skin much softer and more beautiful.

Honey and oatmeal for oily skin

Another very effective recommendations is the mask of honey and oats, perfect to soften the skin, nourish it and exfoliate oils and dead skin all in one! You only need to mix 1/4 cup oatmeal with 1/4 cup pure water and 2 tablespoons honey. Stir until homogeneous, then apply to face for 15 minutes. This honey-oatmeal mask will help you exfoliate and get rid of oily skin. This natural face mask is recommended for those suffering from acne.

Honey and aloe for greasy skin

One way to use to use honey for greasy skin is to mix a spoon of aloe gel to it. If you are a fan of aloe gel because of its many properties on the skin, you will surely love to know that it is a great honey companion for a powerful cleansing mask. Mix two tablespoons of honey and a spoon of aloe gel. Apply on the face and massage with circles upward for two minutes. Leave on for 20 minutes and then remove with warm water.

Honey and aspirin for clear skin

A popular and great mask is honey and aspirin. In addition to the benefits of honey that we have already explained, aspirin helps to deflate the complexion and improve its appearance. You will only need three aspirins mixed with a teaspoon of warm water. Remove until dissolved and then add a spoonful of honey. Mix well and then apply to your face, remove after 15 minutes of gently rubbing the skin in circular motions to exfoliate it. This is good way to use honey to get rid of oily skin.


Obviously the benefits and use of honey for oily skin are due to its multiple properties, since it is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, moisturizer and of course very a good cleanser. It not only cleans oils on face, but also knows how to fight against harmful agents that may come in contact with them. Precisely for these properties, honey is used as a base for many products, especially in shampoos and face creams. It is a good ingredient that mixed with lemon will potentiate all its effects.

Generally speaking, these are the main benefits that honey provides to the skin. To get them, you just have to use a honey as a facial cream. Prepare a mask at home now and get a soft, healthy and perfect skin.