3 Home remedies to heal cut on lip

Remedies to heal cut on lip
The cuts and cracks on the lips can be the result of either dry skin or an external injury. Occurrence of cuts and cracks can sometime become very painful and the pain is so much that eating food, drinking and even a small moment of the lip moment like a smile becomes a difficult task. In-order to heal the cut on lip you need to apply some ointment or a natural remedy to it. If you think that after trying everything the cracks are still the same then it will be better if you treat it from a doctor.
6 Best natural homemade hair conditioner

natural homemade hair conditioner
The best natural homemade hair conditioners include items like banana, honey, aloe vera, avocado, curd, milk cream, olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, eggs etc. These products help in deep hair conditioning turning dry hair to soft and smooth.
How to get rid of scar tissue

Get rid of scar tissue
The best way to get rid of scar tissue fast on face, knees, hands and other body parts is by visiting a dermatologist to know about the treatments available to remove these marks permanently. If you can wait then go natural and use home remedies like lemon, olive oil, honey, aloe vera, potato and cucumber.
How to stop hair breakage fast

Stop hair breakage fast
Following all the necessary precautions and then the treatments will help you to stop hair breakage fast. If the condition is severe than only a doctor can help you get rid of this problem. If you are thinking of natural ways then try home remedies like aloe vera, eggs, onions, olive and coconut oil.
How to reduce melanin in skin

Reduce melanin in skin
The fastest way to permanently reduce melanin in skin is by undergoing a laser treatment, but this option is very costly. As an alternative you can either buy skin lightening creams from a store or visit a dermatologist to get some prescribed products. Natural home remedies like turmeric, aloe vera, tomato, cucumber, turmeric, lemon and potato can also be used to get rid of excess melanin.
How to get rid of itchy eyes

Get rid of itchy eyes
The best ways to get rid of itchy eyes at home is by using remedies like cold water, cucumbers and potatoes. You can also use moisturizing eye drops and within two days if you still feel the sting and redness then consult an eye doctor to get quick relief.
How to dye your eyelashes

Dye your eyelashes
Colouring your eyelashes is not as difficult as you think, but doing it incorrectly can cause irritation in eyes. To learn how to dye your eyelashes at home you need to first prepare the dye and then properly follow the steps below to have beautiful coloured eyelashes.
How to do Manicure at Home

How to do Manicure at Home
Many of us wonder that how to do manicure at home. Fingers are a beautiful part of our body that reflects our fashion sense. Here is the step by step guide for a perfect manicure, the way the experts do in salons.
How to Apply Bare Mineral Foundation

How to apply bare mineral foundation
This makeup tutorial is completely based on how to apply bare mineral foundation on face. It is always better to make use of the natural mineral makeup than the regular because it gives your skin the natural glow and coverage that it is required to look young and supple. Most people wonder how to use this makeup because it may seem difficult to use, but the truth is that it is very simple to use
Best way to apply mascara like a pro

Best way to apply mascara like a pro
The best way to apply mascara like a pro is by following a series of steps and tips which I have researched by asking a makeup professional. To properly put on mascara on eyes you need some tools and a little confidence.
How to clean makeup brushes at home

How to clean makeup brushes at home
It is important to clean makeup brushes properly to prevent accumulation of bacteria on brush that can lead to infections. To wash brushes at home you need to take warm water and an anti-bacterial soap or vinegar so that your makeup kit is healthy.
How to tighten loose facial skin

Tighten loose facial skin
To increase the flexibility and tighten loose facial skin you will need to provide collagen and antioxidants so that the repairing is done fast. To remove saggy skin you can use skin tightening mask prepared from naturally made home remedies like aloe vera, gram flour eggs, fuller earth etc.
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