Generalized Anxiety Disorder – Know Everything about Cure & Symptoms

Worrying about hard times is natural. However, some people tend to be anxious and tense every day, even though the problem is little. If it lasts for over 6 months, there are chances that you may have developed Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Around 7 million Americans are affected by this illness. The worst thing is […]
Add Years to Your Life – What To Eat and Avoid to Reverse Aging?

What To Eat and Avoid to Reverse Aging
If you think stress, sun exposure, and smoking are the only culprits responsible to speed up your aging, you must be missing out something important. According to the recent studies, there are several foods contain the nasty elements that are responsible to boost up the aging process at which your face wrinkles. In this post, […]
10 Small Lifestyle Tweaks to Get Bigger Health Benefits

10 Small Lifestyle Tweaks to Get Bigger Health Benefits
Do you believe that you need to spend several hours at the gym, get out of comfort zone to enjoy any health benefits and change your diet totally? You must think again! According to experts, some of the small lifestyle chances can make a huge difference in your overall health. You may get significant payoffs […]
Improve Your Concentration and Productivity with These 10 Brain Boosters

Improve Your Concentration and Productivity with These 10 Brain Boosters
There are certain dietary supplements and foods that can do anything, be it boosting memory or sharpening focus, spanning attention and improving brain function. There is no denying fact that our body ages with our age. The best part is that you can improve the likelihood of healthy brain by adding some smart drinks and […]
10 Myths about Depression You Should Stop Believing Right Now

10 Myths about Depression You Should Stop Believing Right Now
In recent years, suicidal deaths have become the major concerns in international level. More often than not, we have considered it as the untreated, undiagnosed and neglected depression because it is most common in suicidal cases. Around 2 of every three people commit suicide because of a huge depression. Earlier, we have discussed more on […]
16 All-Natural Home Remedies to Ease Sore Throat

16 All-Natural Home Remedies to Ease Sore Throat
A sore throat is known to be the first sign of cold, side effect of stressed vocal cords or the sign of strep throat or something more serious. Despite the cause, the best way to get fast relief is your instant concern whenever soreness of throat comes. You may like to visit your doctor who […]
Weight Loss Mysteries – 10 Shocking Reasons You Are Gaining Weight

Weight gain is one of the common concerns and is mostly understandable. The reasons are quite obvious – eating too much sugary food, lack of physical activity, or snacking too much. However, you may sometimes be shocked when the number of scales keeps climbing up even when you are doing a lot of exercises. Whether […]
Why You Should Go for Laser Hair Removal?

If you want to remove unwanted hair but hate waxing, tweezing and shaving, you should go for laser hair removal. It is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. The process beams highly focused lights on hair follicles, which is absorbed by the pigments that help to destroy the hair. Benefits of […]
What are the Symptoms of ADHD? How to Improve Focus?

What are the Symptoms of ADHDHow to Improve Focus
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can affect anyone – kids, teens, and adults. This mental disorder is widely diagnosed in children. Kids with ADHD are unable to control their urges and they may be hyperactive. They may have a problem in focusing. This condition affects both of their home and school life. It affects boys […]
Zika Virus – Everything You Should Know about This Outbreak

Zika Virus
The World Health Organization has declared international health emergency because of the connection between birth defects and Zika Virus spread by a tiny but dangerous mosquito. Due to the emergency declaration, the research will be enhanced by the supposed connection between the chances of babies’ microcephaly in infected pregnant women and the virus. Microcephaly leads […]
Reflexology Techniques to Relieve Your Back Pain for Long Time

Reflexology to Points Connecting to Shoulders and Upper Back
At some point in time, almost 8 out of 10 adults suffer from back pain. Mostly, back pain is not certain and can occur at any time of an injury. Some kind of back pain can occur at irregular intervals. No matter your back pain is chronic or intermittent, you may try certain reflexology techniques […]
Are You Insomniac? Know its Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

insomnia depression final
Insomnia is actually a sleep disorder that can be caused due to problem staying and/or falling asleep. People suffering from insomnia may have one of these symptoms – Waking up frequently throughout the night or having problem getting back to sleep Problem in falling asleep Feeling tired when you wake up Wake up too early […]