About Us

This blog was founded by Sara Patel in 2013 to provide information related to beauty and health. At care tricks we bring to you the complete health and personal care tips and everything related to beauty. Eventually the content everyone will love and follow to solve their problems. We cover broad areas of care with content based on skin care, hair care, lips care, eye care. We also cover areas of healthy living with respect to diet, personal fitness and body building. Care tricks was founded in June 2013 is a rapidly growing blog, Influenced by the idea to help others. We are not that old enough but still amazing.

We have started the blog with a small group containing a dermatologist, one fitness trainer which has also pursued a course for diet.

Our mission:

To provide the best tips on health and beauty that always keeps you beautiful, fit and glowing.

Our goal:

To keep men and women young and healthy in all stages of life. Our goal is to solve all your skin, hair and health related problems so that you stay healthy always.

Our promise:

Our experts will provide you the best answers, ideas and support you want; and our website will provide the best products and information you can use to achieve the look you want.