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How to Get Fair Skin Naturally for Men

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Taking proper skin care is the fastest way to get fair skin complexion both for men and women. Natural home remedies are helpful in lightening dark skin but it may take some time. It is better to buy some good fairness products and give skin a good complexion within weeks.

Get Fair Skin Naturally for Men

Ways to get fair skin

Protect skin from harsh weathers

Strong winds tend to take away the moisture from hair making skin making it dry and rough. Also hot sunny weathers can lead to pigmentation and darkening of skin. Hence you need to provide adequate moisture to skin. Also use fairness creams for men that have sun protection to shield your skin from the harmful rays of sun. Wear full sleeves clothes, hats and caps to reduce the exposure of sun to skin.

Remove skin impurities daily

For fair face you need to remove the impurities from skin you encountered throughout the day. Use a good face wash for clearing the dirt and dust that sticks to your skin. Wash your face twice or thrice daily for making skin glowing and fair. Remember to provide moisture to skin after every wash. This will prevent your skin from drying and keep it soft and smooth.

Use the best scrub for skin

In this process deep skin cleansing takes place where the dead skin and clogged impurities are removed from the top layer of skin making you look fresh and fair. Now a days there are lots of facial scrubs available in market that are just for men’s use. Buy scrubs that contain salicylic acid, citric acid, fruit enzymes, glycolic acid. For getting more effective results it advised to steam skin before exfoliation. Steam consists of hot vapours that make our soft and easy for the scrub to clean the dirt and oils from skin. Follow this method just once a week for getting instant skin fairness.

Skin should never be left dry

Lack of providing moisture makes skin dry and leads to early age wrinkles. Daily moisturize your skin to keep it soft and smooth. In case of an oily skin type use oil free moisturizers that contains aqua substance and prevents blocking of pores. Choose for moisturizing creams rich in vitamin E and extracts of natural oils for making skin beautiful and white.

Massage your skin

Unlike women you need not use lotions for massaging skin. Just simply take an ice cube and run it over your skin. This will help in improving blood flow to skin making it more glowing and fair. Take 2-3 ice cubes in a clean cloth and gently massage it to skin daily for 15 minutes before sleeping.

Healthy food for skin

Healthy food like fruits and vegetables should be provided for nourishing the skin cells. Its not that eating oily food and spicy food will make your skin oily. But these foods are hard to digest and makes you unhealthy and thus skin may look dry and dull. Hence include vitamin C, E, A , proteins and antioxidants for keeping skin fair and young.

Home remedies for making skin fair naturally

  1. Rub lemon juice to skin for deeply removing the blocked dirt and oils from skin. Citric acid in lemon works as a natural bleaching agent for skin, while vitamin C removes dark spots from skin making it beautiful.
  2. Cucumber is also a great skin lightening natural product that contains bleaching properties that helps to make skin fair. Keep the slices of cucumber on skin daily for 20 minutes. Keeping cucumbers also provides moisture to skin giving you a lighten skin tone.
  3. Mix turmeric to milk cream and cover skin with this paste. While turmeric makes skin radiant milk cream provide moisture and nourishment giving you a fairer skin complexion.
  4. Gel of aloe vera is rich in anti oxidants, moisture and vitamins that help in repairing damaged skin and improving skin complexion. This gel also acts as a natural scrub and should be massaged in circular motion for removing dead cells and dirt from skin.
  5. Mixture of fruit juices like papaya, pineapple and strawberry can be used as a facial mask for getting a fair skin tone.
  6. Potato also has a lightening effect on skin that is beneficial in fading the dark spots, scars. It also contains an enzyme that has properties for lightening dark skin. Rub potato slices or apply its juice to skin. Keep it for 15 minutes and wash it using warm water.
  7. Mixture of carrot and beetroot juice helps to make skin more reddish and fair.
  8. In case of dry skin keep honey on skin for 15-20 mintues. Honey is a great sorce of moisture and also helps in treating skin allergies.

Tips for getting skin fair

  1. Remain in shade during hot sunny afternoons to prevent pigmentation of skin.
  2. Avoid wearing very tight clothes. Such clothes disturb the flow of blood to skin.
  3. Smoking should also be stopped. Cigarettes contain nicotine and other compounds that make lips and skin darker.
  4. Avoid stress and always be happy. Stress is a major obstacle for making skin beautiful. Stress leads to release of hormones in body that make skin dull and leads to acne breakouts.
  5. Exercise daily for 20 minutes for good supply of oxygen and nutrients to skin.