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How to Get Rid of Dark Neck

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One best way to get rid of dark neck fast is by applying good skin lightening creams and moisturizers. Natural home remedies like honey, lemon, aloe vera and potato are also very helpful to remove darkness from neck and make skin fair, but it may take some time. These tips can be used by both men and women to lighten dark neck and make skin fair quickly.

Get Rid of Dark Neck

  1. Wash your neck three times a day with a good moisturizing soap to wash out dirt from skin. This is the best home remedy for lightening dark neck.
  2. Exfoliate your neck twice a week to remove dead cells and dirt that makes skin dark. Pass hot vapors to the neck and then with a scrubbing product exfoliate it. Steaming makes the skin impurities soft and easier for the scrub to remove it. This is an effective technique to get rid of dark neck. Use scrubs with glycolic acid and salicylic acids to deeply clean skin, clearing the dead cells and darkness from the neck.
  3. Moisturize neck after taking baths and after washing to keep skin moist and away from dryness. Lack of moisture can make skin dry and dark.
  4. Apply skin lightening creams to neck to get rid of darkness. Use creams and scrubs containing glycolic acid and salicylic acid to whiten your neck tone. These acids help to remove dead skin cells and lighten your dark neck.

Home remedies for dark neck

  1. Rub lemon juice for getting fair neck. Natural cleansing properties in lemon, make it a natural skin lightener. Add lemon juice to water and rub this water gently. Vitamin C and citric acid present in the lemon juice helps to remove dead cells and lighten skin tone. Eat vitamin C and E rich fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C stimulates production of collagen, which repairs the dark skin and vitamin E gives moisture to the skin to make it soft and smooth.
  2. Cucumber can also be a great remedy to improve your neck complexion. Prepare a paste of cucumber and apply it to your neck. After 20 minutes, wash it with cold water. Cucumber has soothing properties which help to repair skin cells. This method can be used daily to get rid of dark neck faster.
  3. Vitamin C in oranges is also very helpful in making skin light. Grate the orange peels and add orange juice to it. Now rub this mixture to neck for and leave it for 10 minutes. This is an effective method of lightening dark neck naturally.
  4. Add rose water to turmeric and apply this paste to neck. Turmeric has been widely used since ancient times for getting glowing and fairer skin.
  5. Aloe vera gel is also very beneficial for skin. This gel is rich in antioxidants and various other compounds that help to repair and produce new skin cells. Apply this gel to neck and let it dry. This will help in achieving fair skin on neck.
  6. Natural oils like olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil can also be used in lightening your dark neck. Apply any one of this oil to neck before going to sleep for deeply moisturizing neck skin. For better results mix all these oils and then apply it.
  7. Crush two strawberries and mix it to papaya paste. Now apply it to your neck. Vitamin and minerals contained by these fruits help to nourish the skin cells of the neck. Enzyme papain in papaya removes dead skin cells while antioxidants in strawberries help to repair skin fast.
  8. Protect skin from sunrays to prevent pigmentation. Try to cover your dark neck until it becomes fair. Also apply sun protection creams to prevent further darkening of skin
  9. Apply potato juice for making neck fairest. Enzyme catecholase in potato helps in lightening the color of the neck. Potatoes can also be used for erasing dark spots, dark circles and acne scars. Massage neck with potato juice and leave it for 15 minutes. Following this method daily will help you to get positive results.
  10. Vinegar is also an effective way to remove darkness form neck. Mix vinegar and water in 1:1 ratio and wash your neck with it. This treatment will soon make neck fair.
  11. Warm little honey and add little lemon drops to it. Apply this paste to neck and leave it for 15 minutes for fading the dark skin.
  12. Another remedy is to use milk cream. This is easy available item you can use for curing your dark neck. Apply milk cream to neck and rub it gently. Allow it to dry and then wash it with warm water. Use this method daily for getting desired results.
  13. Exfoliate neck with pineapple and banana made cream. Mash one banana and add pineapple juice to it. Cool this cream and apply it to neck. Wash it after 20 minutes. Vitamins in banana nourish skin cells and ascorbic acid in pineapple helps to get rid of dark neck and make it fair and glowing.
  14. Add water to gram flour and use this paste to scrub your neck. Apply this paste to neck and rub it for 5 minutes and then let it dry. Now with cold water wash it off and provide moisture to the skin. This will remove the darkness from neck skin and make it fair.
  15. Add honey and milk to oats and blend the mixture properly and leave this paste on neck for drying. Now use warm water to clean your skin. This remedy removes the dirt and dead skin cells on neck making skin glowing. This remedy can also be used to get rid of sunburns and tan on neck.
  16. Baking soda is also very effective in lightening dark skin. To prepare this scrub you need to add rose water to baking soda and use this paste to scrub your neck. Within one week you will notice that your skin has become fair.
  17. Apply sun protection lotions to neck before leaving your home. People often moisturize their face, hands, but neglect the neck which is also exposed to the sun. Hence, to get rid of dark neck, immediately start taking care of your neck skin.

Neck whitening cream

Use a cream that has latest technology to help skin regain its radiant and energetic appearance. Furthermore, use cream containing black tourmaline which along with the exclusive ingredients of this product helps natural collagen stimulation. You’ll notice your skin lighter from the start. We recommend you use it daily for morning and evening. Use a product that has been dermatologically tested and is a non-acnegenic product to get rid of dark neck. With the exceptional repairing power these cream for neck incorporates a unique bleaching concentrate to eliminate dark neck. Also, choose product with sun protection factor. With its sun protection factor, it helps prevent pigmentation and the appearance of dark spots in the exposed neck area.

Some important tips for fair neck

  1. Use a soft bristle body brush and use it for washing your neck. Doing this will help you to remove the dead skin from neck that makes it appear dark.
  2. Applying antioxidant rich creams will speed up the process of repairing skin.
  3. After trying everything if you feel that there is no progress then you must visit a dermatologist for expert treatment.